Monday, May 16, 2022

Latest Science News

A breakthrough in frequency up-conversion of single photons

A step forward in modern quantum technology.

A monster black hole just flipped its magnetic field

A black hole's magnetic reversal.

Giant groundwater system discovered in sediments below Antarctic ice

Previously unmapped reservoirs could speed glaciers, and release carbon.

This kind of flirting works best, suggests study

But maybe you shouldn’t start with that.

Scientists developed tear duct organoids

Nothing to cry about: the development of tear duct organoids.

A novel platform for ‘Second Quantum Revolution’

The polariton is a quasiparticle formed by the strong coupling to a matter excitation. It is a crucial ingredient of emergent photonic quantum systems...

Lunar soil can potentially generate oxygen and fuel

Scientists propose a potentially available extraterrestrial photosynthesis pathway on the moon.

COVID-19 deaths among the elderly may be due to genetic limits on cell division

Study uses a model that virtually examined the relation of T-cell clonal expansion with COVID-19 mortality.

Discovering a mysterious Estrogen’s important role in pregnancy

Scientists identified, for the first time, the function of one of the most abundant hormones in pregnancy.

A bright and pure single-photon emitter that works at room temperature

It shows photon emission rates up to 1 MHz.

Astronomers find 1701 new asteroid trails in Hubble images

Global Citizen Science Project Finds Over 1700 Asteroid Trails in Hubble Images