Dr. Prajakta Banik

Prajakta is a writer who enjoys writing about health and science. Besides writing, Prajakta has been helping people to put their best smiles forward. She is interested in teaching the audience the latest discoveries, especially in the medical field.
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Study explores future prospects for home-based cancer treatment

Exploring if giving atezolizumab under the skin and remote monitoring can alter cancer treatment.

Are long COVID sufferers being ignored?

Implications of COVID-19 absences for employees.

Heart attack symptoms differ for women

Signs of a heart attack in both men and women.

Targeting tired immune cells to prevent breast cancer

Mapping cellular shifts in the adult human breast.

Shifting arterial disease patterns in diabetes

Peripheral arterial complications in Type 1 Diabetes & Type 2 Diabetes.

Benefits of virtual rehab for stroke recovery

Exploring telerehabilitation for better leg recovery after stroke.

Similar drinking habits in couples linked to longer life

Alcohol use and mortality in older couples in the US.

Study reveals novel intervention for diabetic kidney risk

Adiponectin improves diabetic kidney function in mice.

Link between eye movement and facial recognition in autism?

Autistic people keep visual processing strategy steady for face encoding and recognition.

Hidden brain changes in heart disease

Imaging guides safer treatment choices.

Genetic tool tracks CRISPR editing risks

Deciphering DNA repair progression with mutation classifier.