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Amit has always been fascinated by science and has spent large portions of his life with his nose buried in textbooks or magazines. He analyzes deep-structure interconnections between multiple areas of knowledge and creativity. Currently, Amit is a technical and sciences writer, covering physics, nanoscience, astronomy/astrophysics, and materials science for Tech Explorist. He started Tech Explorist with a mission of "Let all come who by merit deserve the most reward." Taking these words to heart, he created a platform of the most complete and comprehensive daily coverage of science, technology, and medicine news for researchers, scientists, tech geeks, students, and graduates.

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Astronomers published final maps of Titan’s liquid methane rivers and tributaries

Titan’s river maps may advise Dragonfly’s sedimental journey.

Unwound DNA tangles could create mutational hotspots bacteria genomes

The study could help scientists predict the evolution of bacteria and viruses over time.

Discovering the mysterious origin of the brightest light in the universe

The discovery advances our understanding of Earth’s chemical abundance and elements.

Experiments reveal the formation of new states of matter

The observations are consistent with the theory of a state with fermionic quadrupling.

Our brain has its own unique fingerprint

Our brains have a “fingerprint” too.

How marsh grass protects shorelines?

Study can help planners leverage the wave-damping benefits of marsh plants.

Early solar system harbored a gap between its inner and outer regions

The cosmic boundary likely shaped the composition of infant planets.

Physicists measured the lifetime of the neutron more precisely

The measurement will help put theories about the nature of the universe to the test.