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Amit has always been fascinated by science and has spent large portions of his life with his nose buried in textbooks or magazines. He analyzes deep-structure interconnections between multiple areas of knowledge and creativity. Currently, Amit is a technical and sciences writer, covering physics, nanoscience, astronomy/astrophysics, and materials science for Tech Explorist. He started Tech Explorist with a mission of "Let all come who by merit deserve the most reward." Taking these words to heart, he created a platform of the most complete and comprehensive daily coverage of science, technology, and medicine news for researchers, scientists, tech geeks, students, and graduates.

Recent articles

Amazon rainforest absorbing less carbon than expected

A new study finds that insufficient nutrient supply has not been properly accounted for in ecosystem models.

Harvard astronomer discovered exoplanet without an atmosphere

Prospects clouded for finding life on the largest class of planets.

New holographic method to simulate black holes with tabletop experiment

The holographic image of a simulated black hole, if observed by this tabletop experiment, may serve as an entrance to the world of quantum gravity.

Engineers are working on an advanced 3D head-up display for in-car use

Engineers at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) in collaboration with researchers from the University of Cambridge are developing a powerful new 3D head-up display that...

Chandrayaan-2 enters into Lunar Orbit

The probe has been successfully maneuvered into lunar orbit today, after nearly 30 days of space travel.

A new dreamy, creamy, low calorie spread for your morning toast

Scientists figured out a new procedure to emulsify a lot of water with minuscule drops of vegetable oil and milk fat to mimic low-calorie spread.


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Using wall street secrets to reduce the cost of cloud infrastructure

To stay aware of the consistent growth in demand, cloud providers spend a huge number of dollars expanding the limit of their wide-area spines and dedicate noteworthy exertion to proficiently using WAN limit. A key test is...