Amit Malewar

Amit Malewar is the Founder and CEO of Tech Explorist and Inceptive Mind. He has been writing and editing at Tech Explorist for over six years, covering everything from science, space, robotics, and technologies that change our world. He is fascinated by the mysteries of the universe.
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Construction of the largest digital astronomy camera is complete

The camera will help researchers observe our universe in unprecedented detail.

How did the moon turn itself inside out?

More of a choose-your-own adventure novel.

A novel type of battery gathers and stores electricity in remote settings

It harness changes in ambient temperature to self-charge,

Revolutionizing gravity-free tech: Novel material propels magnetic levitation

Using graphite, scientists have created a floating platform that requires no external power.

Unusual radio pulses detected from a previously dormant star

Unprecedented behaviour from nearby magnetar.

ATLAS provides the first measurement of the W-boson width

This is the most precise single-experiment measurement to date.

Scientists 3D printed a miniature ionizer, a vital component of a mass spectrometer

The low-cost hardware outperforms state-of-the-art versions.

Astrophysicists traced the violent journeys of stars orbiting our galaxy’s central black hole

Stellar collisions produce strange, zombie-like survivors.

Tree rings hide secrets about the most significant solar storm in history

Tracing the largest solar storm in modern times from tree rings in Lapland.

Scientists visualized quantum effects in electron waves

Kapitza-Dirac effect used to show temporal evolution of electron waves.

Neutrons can bind to quantum dots, study

MIT scientists discovered “neutronic” molecules.

How the brain senses body position and movement?

The sense is known as proprioception.