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Amit has always been fascinated by science and has spent large portions of his life with his nose buried in textbooks or magazines. He analyzes deep-structure interconnections between multiple areas of knowledge and creativity. Currently, Amit is a technical and sciences writer, covering physics, nanoscience, astronomy/astrophysics, and materials science for Tech Explorist. He started Tech Explorist with a mission of "Let all come who by merit deserve the most reward." Taking these words to heart, he created a platform of the most complete and comprehensive daily coverage of science, technology, and medicine news for researchers, scientists, tech geeks, students, and graduates.

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Scientists discovered space hurricane that rains electron

The first found of space hurricane.

New system to produce hydrogen and electricity quickly and effectively

Indirect surpassing CO2 utilization in membrane-free CO2 battery.

Trapping the world’s coldest plasma in a magnetic bottle

Laser-cooled plasma-in-a-bottle could answer questions about the sun, fusion power.

The heaviest black hole collision might be a boson star merger, study

The result would provide the first observational evidence for a long sought dark matter candidate.

Scientists sent entangled qubit states through a communication cable

The study could lay the groundwork for future quantum communication networks.

Water may be present during the very formation of a planet

The Milky Way may be swarming with planets with oceans and continents like here on Earth.

Shedding light on the cosmic origin of the heaviest elements on the periodic table

Meteorites remember conditions of stellar explosions.