Monday, February 6, 2023

Amit Malewar

Amit Malewar is a senior writer and editor at Tech Explorist. He has been writing and editing at Tech Explorist for over six years, covering everything from science, space, robotics, and technologies that change our world. He has always been fascinated by science, technology, and the mysteries of the universe. He is a founder of Tech Explorist.
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12 new moons discovered orbiting Jupiter

The discovery of a dozen new moons for Jupiter makes the king of planets the king of moons, too.

An innovative tool for measuring electron dynamics in semiconductors

Insights may lead to more energy-efficient chips and electronic devices.

Scientists discovered a new type of ice that could change understanding of water

The newly discovered ice is amorphous.

Saturn’s smallest moon could support an internal liquid ocean

Saturn’s smallest, innermost moon could generate the right amount of heat to support a liquid internal ocean.

Hubble, for the first time, directly measured the mass of a lone white dwarf

The unique observation yields insights into theories of the structure and composition of white dwarfs.

A new path toward high-energy quantum light

Scientists developed a theory that predicts a new way of controlling the quantum nature of light.

A new way to investigate the structure of protons using neutrinos

‘Ghostly’ neutrinos provide new path to study protons.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe uncovered clues about the origins of the solar wind

This finding is helping scientists better understand the 60-year-old mystery.

The most accurate map of all the matter in the Universe

The analysis combines Dark Energy Survey, and South Pole Telescope data to understand evolution of universe.

Scientists reproduced a gravity field- 1,000 times stronger than Earth’s gravity

The study overcomes the effects of Earth’s gravity, replicating conditions on other planets, stars.

NASA’s Chandra captured a massive knot-like collision of galaxy clusters

Untangling a knot of galaxy clusters.

How the body regulates potassium?

The mathematical model conceptualizes the relationship between kidneys and muscles.