Bioengineering the body for self-produced medicine

In situ protein production offers therapeutic benefits for psoriasis and melanoma.

Miniature, implantable LED device fights cancer with light

Bringing light's benefits to these harder-to-access cancers.

Genomic test enhances pediatric cancer care

Routine whole genome sequencing benefits children with suspected cancer.

Daily multivitamins don’t reduce death risk in healthy adults

Multivitamin use and death risk in 3 U.S. studies.

Cancer affects aging, but studies on older adults are insufficient

Insufficient research on cancer and aging has been uncovered.

The role of specific nutrients in cancer defense

Nutrient-based therapy to reactivate melanoma metabolism.

Microrobots deliver cancer drugs to lung tumors in mice

Biohybrid microrobots target lung tumors with drug-filled nanoparticles.

Does beet consumption prevent heart disease?

Nitrate supplementation enhances vascular function in women.

Oldest marine plant found by genetic clock

Somatic genetic clock discovered for clonal species.

Can kombucha tea mimic the effects of fasting?

The microbes’ ability to alter fat metabolism may explain possible health benefits in humans.

Vitamin D encourages mouse gut bacteria to improve cancer immunity

Mice given a diet rich in vitamin D had better immune resistance to experimentally transplanted cancers.

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