Significance of both parents in breastfeeding

Exploring partner experiences in Swedish breastfeeding support

Study reveals how cancer cells use certain proteins to shield themselves

Exposing hiding lymphoma cells to the immune system.

Harnessing cancer’s power to fight it

Enhanced T cell therapies via natural mutations.

AI offers a detailed look at jets of plasma used to treat cancer

The software uses an approach known as a physics-informed neural network (PINN).

A protein that contributes to metastasis in pancreatic cancer found

Discovery could advance life-saving therapies.

New imaging reveals brain’s hidden cells

Advancements in immunostaining for brain nanostructures.

Lab-grown tumors to predict what drugs will work for people with bowel cancer

The study is the first in the world to use patient-derived tumour organoids.

Family tree changes in aging blood cells

Understanding genealogies in human hematopoiesis.

Moderate radon exposure linked to higher stroke risk

Women's health initiative links radon exposure to stroke risk.

Chip detects lung cancer treatment efficacy from blood draw

Circulating tumor cells predict progression in stage III NSCLC patients.

Blood tests advance neuroblastoma detection

Liquid biopsies for early detection of neuroblastoma in children.

A non-destructive cancer GPS for evaluating the malignancy grade

A water-soluble, luminescent europium complex.

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