Thursday, June 1, 2023


Pan-cancer T cell atlas reveals tumor microenvironment

A new T cell state linked to immunotherapy resistance.

Nature-inspired compounds break down cancer gene’s RNA

Nature-inspired compounds can be used to target cancer genes' RNA.

Plants remove cancer-causing toxins from the air

Indoor plants and green walls help purify air quickly and sustainably.

A gene-editing technology could help to accelerate cancer mutations

Scientists can develop new drugs to target cancer mutations.

AVATAR system helps kids avoid anesthesia in radiotherapy

Cancer radiotherapy can be a traumatic experience for pediatric patients, often requiring general anesthesia to keep them still during the procedure. However, a new...

First evidence chemotherapeutic medication can enter the human brain

Ultrasound uses microbubbles to open the blood-brain barrier to treat glioblastoma.

Heart damage from cancer drugs traced to specific cause

Potential drug targets for heart failure therapies and cancer-related heart damage.

Two transmissible cancers are affecting Tasmanian devils

Mutations in transmissible cancers may lead to diseases in Tasmanian devils.

A new imaging technology may reduce surgeries for rectal cancer patients

This technology will directly reduce the number of unnecessary surgeries for rectal cancer.

Researchers have discovered a promising new target for drug-resistant breast and ovarian cancers

Suppression of a protein can kill cancer cells without harming healthy ones.

Emerging evidence suggests a higher occurrence of pancreatic Lesions

Donor pancreata analysis: A key to understanding early pancreatic lesions.

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