Weight loss

Consumption of Cardamom for appetite boost and fat burn

Cardamom seeds boost energy expenditure and reduce fat in mice.

The amount of fat burned during exercise varies greatly between people

Study reveals limitations of commercial exercise machines.

Female distance runners: The importance of diet

Reducing bone stress injuries in distance runners.

Weight loss medications challenges for breast cancer survivors

Weight loss medications may not work as well for breast cancer survivors.

The team discovered a hormonal pathway that increases calorie burning during weight loss

A key mechanism for promoting weight loss and maintaining the burning of calories during dieting.

Perfect tracking is not needed to achieve significant weight loss

The importance of food tracking for weight loss.

Fasting diet could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

The first study to assess how the body processes and uses glucose after eating a meal.

Scientists identified 60 unique proteins that may be critical regulators of body weight

The study explored the link between genetic regions linked to body weight and proteins expressed in the brain.

High blood caffeine levels may reduce the body weight and type 2 diabetes risk

It may be worth exploring the potential for calorie-free caffeinated drinks.

Positively charged nanomaterials reduce fat at targeted locations

Inhibiting the unhealthy lipid storage of enlarged fat cells.

This drug reduces up to 20% weight in individuals with obesity

About nine out of 10 individuals with obesity lost weight.

Research reveals a protein that regulates body weight

The discovery deepens our understanding of the way our bodies respond to food.

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