Wednesday, July 6, 2022


The best moisturiser for children with eczema is the one that they like to use

Which moisturiser is the best for children with eczema?

Human skin has evolved to be as durable and flexible as possible

New research provides better understanding of skin’s durability.

Ozone causes our skin to emit tiny airborne particles

Our very own bodies can be a source of nanocluster aerosol emissions.

Eczema may stem from poorly regulated sex hormones

The study offers a potential new treatment target for a common skin condition.

The study explains how the cat got their stripes

Scientists discovered the mechanism of cat fur color pattern establishment.

Skin itch mechanisms differ on hairless versus hairy skin

Research breakthrough could inform different treatments for chronic skin itch sufferers.

Measuring pulse with smartphone

New method uses device cameras to measure pulse, breathing rate and could help telehealth.

New AI tool to detect melanoma

A system that quickly analyzes wide-field images of patients’ skin in order to more efficiently detect cancer.

Fingerprints’ moisture-regulating mechanism strengthens human touch – study

This could help scientists to develop better prosthetic limbs.

T-ray technology analyzes the structure of the skin

What's getting under your skin?

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