Viruses killed equally by gentle cleansers and harsh soaps

Research explores the effectiveness of different hand hygiene products against viruses in COVID era.

Implant promises widened access to life-saving diabetes treatment

Long-term survival of encapsulated islets without immunosuppression via inflammation-induced neovascularization.

Harnessing a parasite’s power to halt pain

Leishmania mexicana induces metabolomic shifts to reduce pain in skin lesions.

Premature babies benefit socially from early body contact

Early skin-to-skin contact impacts mother-infant interaction quality at four months for very preterm infants.

A cell signaling pathway regulates melanoma cell metastasis to the brain

The pathway changes the gene expression pattern of melanoma cells.

Cracking the itch mystery: New insights unveiled

S. aureus and itch-induced skin damage: The V8 protease-PAR1 axis revealed.

Scientists successfully 3D-printed hair follicles

The technique represents an important step in engineering skin grafts, drug testing.

Epidermal hemoglobin discovery reveals skin’s protective secrets

Keratinocytes in upper epidermis and hair follicle isthmus express hemoglobin.

Skin water loss predicts anaphylaxis in food allergy tests

TEWL increase precedes food anaphylaxis and predicts challenge results.

Super melanin: Skin savior for sunburn and chemical burns

Enhanced tissue repair with synthetic melanin topical use.

A hidden way discovered within hair follicles that allows us to feel touch

This is a surprising finding!

Latest and most precise test for biological age

Epigenetic clocks favor kidney transplants over dialysis for renal aging.

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