Crucial mitochondrial protein in glioblastoma and therapy resistance

Glioblastoma progression and resistance linked to CHCHD2.

Targeting TUG1 gene to treat brain tumors and replication stress

TUG1's role in resolving R-loops at microsatellite sites for cancer cell growth.

A method for better 3D modeling of complex cancers

Scientists combining bioprinting with synthetic chips to understand tumors in 3D.

Immune system aging detectable via CT scan

Fatty thymus linked to male sex, obesity, and CD8+ T cell loss.

Latest and most precise test for biological age

Epigenetic clocks favor kidney transplants over dialysis for renal aging.

AI accelerates brain tumor type identification

Swift intraoperative CNS tumor typing with deep learning.

Turning routine vaccines into weapons against cancer

Using Salmonella to fight pancreatic cancer: How CD8 T cells can help.

New insights uncovered: Obesity’s effects on breast cancer

Exploring how obesity influences breast cancer: Research findings

Life expectancy may drop by 14 years with type 2 diabetes diagnosis at age 30

Type 2 diabetes diagnosis age & life expectancy: A 23-million-year study.

Promising trial preserves bladders in advanced cancer

Gemcitabine, Cisplatin, and Nivolumab in bladder cancer: Phase 2 trial.

Case Western Reserve identifies esophageal cancer gene mutation

New genetic paradigm for esophageal adenocarcinoma risk.

Disparities in palliative care for breast cancer patients

Racial and ethnic groups show rising palliative care utilization from 2004 to 2020.

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