Lorazepam treatment and poor pancreatic cancer outcomes

Pancreatic cancer survival and the IL6 response to Lorazepam.

Chemicals in plastics: A risk factor for cardiovascular disease?

NIEHS grant fuels research into chemical exposure's role in atherosclerosis development.

Dual role of tumor suppressor in tissue healing: Stanford Study

Lung cancer suppression: p53 controls AT1 differentiation, Stanford study finds.

Immunotherapy’s promise for penile cancer treatment

Immunotherapy for advanced penile cancer: Global report.

Survivors of low-risk cancer are more likely to die of noncancer causes

Early detection and treatment of cancer have improved long-term survival.

Precision brain cancer removal with the body’s invisible scalpel

Boosting immune defense against glioblastoma: CTLA-4 blockade's action.

New classification method for HPV-associated head and neck cancers

HNSCC cases linked to HPV+ increase significantly.

Bioengineered enzyme scissors trim cancer cell defenses

Creating a particular enzyme to remove cancer mucus.

Thymus gland plays critical role in adult health, study finds

Thymus removal may harm your long-term health.

Unexpected killer of immune cells found

CD47 is a survival factor for T cells.

New insights into how the immune system fights cancer

Autologous PDX models provide new insights into tumor-immune interactions.

Unexpected mechanism of cancer cell spread discovered

GRP78/BiP: A stress-induced transcriptional regulator.

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