Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Optical fiber communication cables can warn against earthquakes

Optical Fibers Can Provide Early Warning for Earthquakes.

Earth needed time to ‘mix’ its continental crust

The formation of continental crust plays a central role in stabilizing climate.

The tightest ultracool dwarf binary system ever observed

Astrophysicists discover the closest and oldest ultracool dwarf binary ever observed.

How fast did the ancient magma ocean solidify?

This study helps us answer some fundamental questions about the planet.

Venus’s squishy surface shows signs of geothermal activity

Venus may be losing heat from geologic activity in regions called coronae.

There could be rising silicon-rich snow in the Earth’s outer core

The silicon-rich snow can develop into greater depths with further secular cooling of Earth.

Watching TV is good for the planet

It potentially provokes an involvement in botany and ecology.

New analysis shows how quickly meteorites can be contaminated by Earth’s atmosphere

Analysis of meteorites can provide insights into the asteroids they come from and how they have formed.

In search of a mysterious and very distant object

An invisible object was finally described in a SISSA study.

A molten rock layer discovered hidden under Earth’s tectonic plates

The study might help settle a long-standing debate about how tectonic plates move.

Astronomers found a rare exoplanet suited to probe alien life

A nearby potentially habitable Earth-mass exoplanet.

Hubble, for the first time, directly measured the mass of a lone white dwarf

The unique observation yields insights into theories of the structure and composition of white dwarfs.

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