Unveiling Earth’s past through 2.5 billion-year-old Pacific rock samples

Pacific rock samples offer a glimpse of an active Earth 2.5 billion years ago.

Life’s building blocks are surprisingly stable in Venus-like conditions

Results suggest the clouds of Venus could be hospitable for some forms of life.

Unveiling Earth-Mars orbit connection: Deep-sea circulation and climate patterns

Giant whirlpools in warming oceans could mitigate Gulf Stream stagnation.

The oldest fossilized forest found along the Devon and Somerset coast

Earth’s earliest forest revealed in Somerset fossils.

How the clustering of clouds and storms impacts rainfall extremes?

New climate model shows more extreme rainfall in the tropics with increased temperatures.

Scientists reveal how first cells could have formed on Earth

Understanding how primordial cells emerged during origin of life.

New link between water and planet formation revealed

Scientists have found water vapour in the disc around a young star exactly where planets may be forming.

What caused an extreme ice-age climate in Earth’s history?

What made Earth a giant snowball 700m years ago?

The Sun emitted X-class solar flare: a strong solar flare

SDO captured an image of the event.

Study suggests that the earth may have once been flat

Did young planets just get smartie-er?

Widening day and night temperature difference can affect all life on Earth

A recent study conducted by researchers from Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg, among others, has revealed a shift in what scientists already knew...

The rock that creates clouds

Scientists discovered what happens during this process.

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