Tuesday, November 29, 2022


Unlocking one of the Sun’s most persevering secrets

Catching the dynamic Coronal Web.

Solar snake spotted slithering across Sun’s surface

An intriguing new addition to the zoo of features.

Study offer insights into mysterious and potentially devastating kinds of astrophysical event

Tree rings offer insight into devastating radiation storms

ESA’s solar orbiter speeds towards its next rendezvous with the Sun

The sequence begins on 20 September and finishes on 10 October.

Jupiter to make the closest approach to Earth in 59 years today

Stargazers can expect excellent views of Jupiter the entire night of Monday.

Scientists observed a quasi-periodic fast-propagating (QFP) wave train in corona

The images were taken by the LASCO on board the SOHO.

ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter spacecraft has solved the magnetic switchback mystery

It points towards how their physical formation mechanism might help accelerate the solar wind.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is heading into a much different solar environment

Parker solar probe’s upcoming close encounter with a highly active sun.

Hubble discovered a massive black hole that is 4.5 billion times larger than Sun

The image shows the peculiar galaxy pair called Arp 116.

Potential Cannibal CME event to hit Earth on August 18

Cannibal CMEs contain tangled magnetic fields and compressed plasmas.

The past and future of the Sun

This work extends far beyond a little astrophysical clairvoyance.

A sunspot exploded and generated a solar tsunami

NASA's SOHO also created an extreme ultraviolet movie showing a solar tsunami.

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