CityU’s cutting-edge photo-oxidation therapy for cancer

Near-infrared light targets biomolecules in cancer treatment.

Rivers are rapidly warming, losing oxygen- risking aquatic life

This is a wake-up call.

Enhancing CAR T cells for blood cancer treatment

Epitope editing for universal blood cancer immunotherapy.

No, oxygen didn’t catalyze the swift blossoming of Earth’s first multicellular organisms

Life on Earth didn’t arise as described in textbooks.

Reduced oxygen exposure strengthens red blood cells against heart attacks

Low-oxygen red blood cells protect the heart by activating guanylate cyclase.

A never-before-seen form of Oxygen observed for the first time

Physicists observe Oxygen-28 for the first time.

Discovery of a new therapeutic target for ARDS

Rejuvenating blood vessels: The role of endothelial FoxM1 in healing lungs.

Himalayas had a leg up before reaching the skies

A new technique for measuring past topography.

How trilobites survived environmental change for millions of years

The developmental control of enrolment in trilobites.

A simple and accessible method improves the structure of drug potency

An unidentified chemical procedure provides a safer and practical cyclopropanes.

Study reveals the influence of nuclear spin on biological processes

Traditionally ignored phenomenon reveals potential for breakthroughs in biotechnology.

Mitochondria send SOS signals when under stress

The cytosol as a sensor of mitochondrial stress

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