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Planets with oxygen don’t necessarily have life, study

Planets with oxygen don’t necessarily have life, study

While searching life in other solar systems far and beyond, scientists often consider that oxygen presence in planet atmosphere indicates the sign of life....
Cyanobacteria in a river

Oxygen could have been available to life as early as 3.5 billion years ago

Oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere is fundamental for complex types of life, which utilize it amid vigorous breath to make vitality. The levels of oxygen...
When insects such as this Meganeura monyi developed wings roughly 325 million years ago, the insect population exploded, Stanford researchers found. (Image credit: Alexandre Albore, Wikimedia Commons)

Insects took off when they evolved wings

The development of wings not just enabled old insects to leave noticeably the primary animals on Earth to take to the skies, yet in...