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A promising way to efficiently convert carbon dioxide into ethylene

Effective pathway to convert greenhouse gas into valuable products.

Greenland ice sheet has entered a state of sustained mass loss that is irreversible

The Warming Greenland ice sheet passes the point of no return.

Arctic sea ice is melting faster than ever

The present study quantifies the magnitude of Arctic sea-ice loss in the boreal summer.

New technology uses sunlight to turn seawater into drinking water in 30 minutes

It provides an energy-efficient and environmentally-sustainable solution for desalination.

Snowball Earths were likely the product of rate-induced glaciations

Findings also suggest exoplanets lying within habitable zones may be susceptible to ice ages.

First active Methane Seep discovered in Antarctica

Discovery provides new understanding of methane cycle.

Invasive alien species would cause drastic future biodiversity loss worldwide

Tourism is a major driver of biological invasions in tropical and subtropical regions.

Earth’s atmosphere is ringing like a bell

Let the atmospheric music play on!