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New recycling process could cut down millions of tons of plastic waste

A method for reclaiming the polymers using solvents.

Possibly 1000 km long river running deep below Greenland’s ice sheet

Updating ice sheet models with this open valley could provide additional insight for future climate change predictions.

Warm, moist rivers of air help create massive holes in Antarctic sea ice

Warm, moist rivers of air may have continent-wide effects and influence climate change.

A long-standing mystery of glacial lake floods solved

Scientists have long studied the development of these floods, which are some of the largest on Earth.

Bonfire Night celebrations contaminate our air, study

The burning question of Bonfire Night pollution.

Bringing solar hydrogen production closer to reality

A Step Closer to Practical Solar Hydrogen Production via Elaborately Modified Hematite Photoanode.

Nights warming faster than days, study

Global warming is affecting daytime and night-time temperatures differently.

A promising way to efficiently convert carbon dioxide into ethylene

Effective pathway to convert greenhouse gas into valuable products.