Dr. Prajakta Banik

Prajakta is a writer who enjoys writing about health and science. Besides writing, Prajakta has been helping people to put their best smiles forward. She is interested in teaching the audience the latest discoveries, especially in the medical field.
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Discovery of a protein with potential to prevent tick-borne diseases

AteA: A vital effector for tick infection by Anaplasma phagocytophilum.

Fish uncover origins of altered human facial features

Zebrafish model reveals AOP for craniofacial anomalies.

Smoking during pregnancy doubles premature birth risk

Impact of smoking and caffeine on pregnancy outcomes.

The synchronicity of sperm motility and zebra stripe formation

Exploring eukaryotic flagella patterns via reaction-diffusion.

New nasal spray for fast heartbeat treatment

Etripamil nasal spray for treating rapid heartbeat: NODE-302 study results.

UCLA-led advancement redefines Nobel Prize-winning technology

Improved imaging for small protein targets at 3 Å resolution.

Is hydrogel the future of more convenient HIV treatment?

Creating long-lasting antiretroviral injectables with smart drug design.

UMass Amherst study reveals small RNA’s vital role in fighting cancer

Let-7 boosts tumor-fighting CD8 T cells in mice.

Seasonal trends in diabetes care through glucose data

Exploring seasonal glycemic trends with wearable data.

Dads’ reading and play boost kids’ school performance

Fathers boost kids in school through play and reading.

Your body’s cannabinoids calm you during stress

Endocannabinoids regulate stress-induced behavioral adaptation.

11 genes linked to aggressive prostate cancer mutations

Using germline sequencing to guide prostate cancer gene panel testing.