Dr. Prajakta Banik

Prajakta is a writer who enjoys writing about health and science. Besides writing, Prajakta has been helping people to put their best smiles forward. She is interested in teaching the audience the latest discoveries, especially in the medical field.
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Enhancing ferromagnets for high-speed technology

Auto-oscillations and spin inertia in ferromagnets.

Birds adapt flight mechanics using lungs

Respiratory system affects light in soaring birds.

Boosting mental health support among men

Future research and practice directions in men's mental health peer support.

Human impact on conservation discussions

Need for improved conservation models including human impact.

Midlife memory issues linked to early depression

Prolonged depression in youth linked to midlife cognitive decline, especially in black adults.

Impact of heat and cold on early brain development

Early heat and cold influence children's white matter.

When Earth got it’s freshwater

Ancient water cycle: A 4-billion-year origin.

Soil bacteria breathe out more CO2

CO2 release in bacterial metabolism.

Blood test detects potentially fatal heart condition in children

Blood biomarkers predict risk in children's heart disease.

Does beet consumption prevent heart disease?

Nitrate supplementation enhances vascular function in women.

Oldest marine plant found by genetic clock

Somatic genetic clock discovered for clonal species.