Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Jyoti Singh

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Researchers develop battery-operated portable ventilator

Researchers from Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST) has developed an Emergency Breathing Assist System (EBAS), called AirBridge.

Researchers develop ‘Hyperelastic Model’ to understand brain injuries

Indian scientists developed an analysis-driven ‘hyperelastic’ model in calculating the stress and strain experienced by the brain due to blunt force injury and lesion (tumor) growth.

CCMB may soon come up with diagnostic kits for COVID-19

To combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organisation (WHO) insists that widescale "testing, testing, and testing" is the key as early diagnosis may help save lives. Aligning with the call of WHO, the Centre for Cellular...

Personal reading scanner machine for visually impaired

Nearly 4.7 million people in India are blind or visually impaired, this physical disability keeps them away from many things one of which is, reading. To make them self-dependent when it comes to reading Central Scientific Instruments...

e-waste recycling based on zero waste concept

Massive generation of mobile phone batteries, its rudimentary disposal, improper collection system as well as lack of cost-effective processing technology has resulted in the loss of valuables encapsulated in them. For recovery of cobalt and other valuable...

Scientist develop inexpensive technology for production of silver nanowires

The importance of nanowires has been steadily increasing in the development of various nano-electronic devices, ranging from conductor inks used in electronic circuit manufacturing to the production of touchscreens and infrared shields. Researchers at National Chemical Laboratory...

Scientists extract biofertilizer from human hair

Every year, about 300,000 tons of human hair is treated as waste and is being discarded as such. Although human hair is biodegradable, its accumulation in waste streams due to uncontrolled disposal leads to clogging and poses...

Scientists created organic and herbal lipsticks for lipstick lovers

Scientists have extracted natural colors and dyes from the natural occurring vegetables and plants sources and developed organic and herbal lipsticks for ladies.