Researchers develop battery-operated portable ventilator


The novel coronavirus pandemic has raised the demand for ventilators across the country. To meet the escalating demand, researchers from Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST) has developed an Emergency Breathing Assist System (EBAS), called AirBridge.

The device is portable, battery-operated, and user-friendly. Air Bridge can be used for ventilator support in COVID-19 related or non-COVID related emergencies in hospital wards and during transportation of patients in ambulances. It can also be used in small hospitals without a central oxygen supply system using oxygen cylinders in emergencies.

“The device is not a replacement for a mechanical ventilator but works as a bridge for a few hours to a few days before conventional mechanical ventilation can be provided,’’ said SCTIMST director Dr. Asha Kishore.

The know-how and design of EBAS were transferred to Wipro 3D in April 2020 for further joint development. The product is ready for commercial production under the brand name ‘Air Bridge.’ SCTIMST and Wipro 3D Bangalore have jointly launched it on Tuesday through video conference.

A team of engineers Sarath S Nair, Vinod Kumar V, and Nagesh DS from the department of medical device engineering and professors Thomas Koshy and Manikantan from the department of anesthesia developed the specifications and technology.


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