CIMAP transfers technology for herbal products


Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CSIR-CIMAP), Lucknow has transferred the five technologies of herbal formulation to Nandan Impex Private Limited (NIPL), Mumbai. These products have been named Relaxomap, Painzaa, Pain Chhoo, Flomop, and Acne Preventive Facewash.

Dr. Abdul Samad, Acting Director, CSIR-CIMAP told that “These herbal products have been scientifically validated and tested by CSIR-CIMAP. All the products are made of ingredients mostly aromatic and medicinal plants, and their production by this company would also benefit the farmers cultivating the medicinal and aromatic plants in the country.

‘Relaxomap’ is an aromatherapeutic anti-inflammatory pain-relieving topical formulation in the form of oil that utilizes a unique combination of plant extracts and proven aromatic oils for relieving pain resulting from exhaustion, stress, and anxiety.

‘Painzaa’ is a pain-relieving anti-inflammatory gel, and it is a herbal formulation for topical application which contains active ingredients from natural sources for relieving muscle strain and inflammation.

CIMAP transfers technology for herbal products

For headache, muscular sprains, cold, and other related problems, ‘Pain Chhoo’ may be used. It has a pleasant aroma and acts as mood elevator relieving heaviness. It is recommended that it should be used in small quantities for effective use. The balm uses essential oils, menthol, beeswax, camphor, etc.

By using essential oils and light liquid paraffin, ‘Flomop’ formulation has been prepared. It is insect repellent emulsion, gives pleasant aroma. It has been claimed that this disinfectant repels most of the household insects.

To control acne and pimple, an aloe Vera based herbal formulation named ‘Acne preventive face wash’ has been made. It is said that besides working as a cleanser, it also works as a skin conditioner too. The company will soon start the production of all the above products in the coming month in their manufacturing facility at Goregaon, Mumbai.


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