Study reveals how cancer cells use certain proteins to shield themselves

Exposing hiding lymphoma cells to the immune system.

Genomic time machine: Revealing DNA secrets

Fresh insights into human evolution and health.

Bridging light and electrons

A nonlinear optical phenomena into a transmission electron microscope.

Human brains show greater parallel ‘traffic’ than animal brains

Human brain networks show greater parallel information transmission than macaques and male mice.

Blood goes wireless

Practical scaling of molecular networks.

Scientists unlocked the mechanism of limb regrowth in axolotls

Decoding the axolotl: a new path for limb regrowth.

New robotic system enables surgeons to perform ‘four-arm’ operations

Four-armed robotic surgical system is controlled by haptic interface pedals.

Engineers train harvesting robots using a fake raspberry

Silicone raspberry can help teach harvesting robots to grasp fruit without exerting too much pressure.

Groundbreaking polygon shape-changing robot for space exploration

The robot can change shape, move around and interact with objects and people.

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