New robotic system enables surgeons to perform ‘four-arm’ operations

Four-armed robotic surgical system is controlled by haptic interface pedals.

Engineers train harvesting robots using a fake raspberry

Silicone raspberry can help teach harvesting robots to grasp fruit without exerting too much pressure.

Groundbreaking polygon shape-changing robot for space exploration

The robot can change shape, move around and interact with objects and people.

Scientists unveiled the first Chat-GPT-designed tomato-picking robot

EPFL researchers have applied the technology to a new sphere: robotic design.

Weighing a quasar’s galaxy with precision

Combining gravitational lensing and quasars.

Revolutionizing antibiotic resistance testing: A simple, affordable, and rapid method

A novel and highly efficient method for rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing using optical microscopy.

Cryo-imaging reveals the layers of fuel cell catalysts

Nanostructure of platinum catalyst layers to optimize fuel cell efficiency.

Scientists use a centralized database to understand coral reefs

RECIFS helps understand the vulnerability of coral reefs to climate change.

Solar hydrogen system co-generates heat and oxygen

The solar reactor produces usable heat, oxygen, and hydrogen.

The positive benefits of fungi on coral have yet to be entirely understood

Fungi can help protect coral reefs from climate change.

Nanoplasmonic imaging reveals real-time production of cell secretions

An advancement that could aid in the development of cancer treatments, vaccines, and other therapies.

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