ChemCrow: An AI leap into chemical synthesis

An AI leap into chemical synthesis.

A new gamma-ray method for monitoring nuclear reactors non-invasively

The new method can improve nuclear safety and treaty compliance.

Scientists identified cell populations that could be key to treating obesity

New cells discovered in human omental adipose tissue inhibit fat cell formation.

EPFL robot notably learned to transition from trotting to pronking

Trotting robots reveal emergence of animal gait transitions.

Researchers measure X-Ray Radiation from Lightning Strikes for the First Time

EPFL researchers have recorded X-rays being produced at the beginning of upward positive lightning flashes for the first time.

An elastomer-based ink for 3D printing objects

An ink for 3D-printing flexible devices without mechanical joints.

Energy scientists unravel the mystery of gold’s glow

This discovery could drive the development of solar fuels and batteries.

Machine learning enhances vertical-axis wind turbine performance

They used a genetic learning algorithm to determine the best pitch for a VAWT blade.

How the brain senses body position and movement?

The sense is known as proprioception.

Decoding the complex dance of electrons in water

A major step in understanding a critical process of many chemical phenomena.

Scientists identified some proteins that protect against antimicrobial peptides

The proteins that shield the body against its own immune attacks.

Understanding how cracks propagate in brittle solids

A rare glimpse into three-dimensional crack formation in brittle solids.

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