Aarhus University

Aarhus University

Researchers found giant viruses on Greenland’s ice sheet

The viruses probably regulate the growth of snow algae on the ice by infecting them.

Men and women with migraine have a higher chance of experiencing an ischemic stroke

Women may also have a slightly higher risk of heart attack and hemorrhagic stroke.

Brain’s protein-degradation machine found to have a new role at synapses

New role for proteasome particles in brain function discovered.

New insight into the genetic causes of autism and ADHD

Your genes determine whether you get ADHD or autism.

Study shows atomic-level movement of water molecules

The mysterious movement of water molecules.

Scientists created a large synthetic nanopore made from DNA

Scientists used DNA origami to create a synthetic 9 nm wide DNA nanopore, controlled by programmable, lipidated flaps and equipped with a size-selective gating system for the translocation of macromolecules.

We transition between at least 19 different brain phases when sleeping, study

Before the 1950s, scientists used to believe that as people drifted off to sleep, their brains and bodies would go into shutdown mode, entering...

New class of artificial proteins created to treat cancer and diabetes

There is various protein host present in nature. Each performs various functions in our body. They are the body's principal and hardest working building...

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