Princeton University

Using radio waves to remotely monitor nuclear weapons stockpiles

Researchers proposed a new method for monitoring nuclear disarmament treaties.

Linking two solar technologies to improve both efficiency and stability

Win-win for efficiency and stability.

The microscopic phases of magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene were observed for the first time

New study captures behavior of interacting electrons that give rise to insulating states.

Drops of seawater contain traces of an ancient world

Seawater's chemical composition is linked to volcanic activity and climate change.

Incorporating human error into machine learning

How sure is sure?

Viruses can chill or kill

How eavesdropping viruses battle it out to infect us?

A tiny marsupial is redefining the origins of flying mammals

Flying squirrels, sugar gliders & bats form their wing flaps with similar genetics.

New Universe’s cosmic expansion map confirms Einstein’s theory of gravity

For millennia, humans have been fascinated by the mysteries of the cosmos.

Underground Water Could be the Solution to Green Heating and Cooling

Seasonal energy storage improves climate change flexibility.

Research team measured a value for the ‘clumpiness’ of the universe’s dark matter

Using the dark matter distribution to test our cosmological model.

Loofah-inspired hydrogel uses sunlight to purify contaminated water

It could potentially purify enough water to satisfy someone's daily needs, even when it's cloudy.

Changing magnetic noise’s shapes in space and time are revealed via a new approach

It’s a fundamentally new technique.

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