Early breast cancer detection enhanced by a new robot

New device revolutionizes clinical breast examinations (CBE).

UCLA-led advancement redefines Nobel Prize-winning technology

Improved imaging for small protein targets at 3 Å resolution.

Key biomarker discovered for tracking depression recovery

Cingulate dynamics track depression recovery with brain stimulation.

Model cuts costs, boosts generic drug availability

Guarding healthcare supply chains: Civica Rx's vaccination.

AI sees through the darkness like daylight

Heat-assisted detection and ranging: A new way to see in the dark.

Research shows how content creators reduce the harms of misinformation

Blockchain for fighting fake news: A framework for assessing applicability and acceptance.

3D printed gripper that works without electronics

3D printing soft robots with embedded fluidic control.

Algorithmic decision-making: The future of decision making

Equity in algorithmic decision-making.

Liquid nanofoam: New hope for injury prevention

Liquid nanofoam cushions to protect athletes, drivers, and patients.

Chemical imaging technology reveals hidden details in Egyptian paintings

On-site analysis of paint layering identifies history of alterations in ancient paintings.

Half of the participants experience false memories of films due to deepfake videos

In new study, deepfakes were no more potent than text descriptions at manipulating memory.

MIT AI system helps biologists build ML models

BioAutoMATED: A new AI tool to automate biology research.

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