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Objects with similar sounds are easier to remember

Why are overlapping sounds easier to remember?

Employees are more prone to mistakes on afternoons and Fridays

Study offers objective insight on employee behavior and the potential benefits of flexible work arrangements.

Research shows how content creators reduce the harms of misinformation

Blockchain for fighting fake news: A framework for assessing applicability and acceptance.

Women STEM instructors encourage undergraduates to conceal stigmatized identities

Women working as STEM instructors are more likely than men to disclose their undergraduate identities.

Challenges faced by non-native English speakers in science

Disadvantages for non-native English speakers.

Purpose and Competence: The key to adolescent success

Wellbeing beyond happiness: What Matters for adolescent academic achievement.

Children’s nature drawings show a preference for mammals and birds

Mammal and bird species were often identifiable from depictions, while reptiles and amphibians appeared less.

Consumers use shared products excessively

Shared products are less effective.

The speed of spreading Facebook posts is related to the controversy

People’s perception of online information may depend per analysis of 57 million posts.

The different ways couples integrate their finances

The tremendous financial merge: How to combine your finances with your partner.

In areas with high economic inequality, the rich tend to exhibit greater generosity

Rich individuals living in communities with greater economic inequality tend to be more generous.

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