Student preferences: On-campus attendance vs. remote learning

Are online teaching materials emptying out university classrooms?

Regulated cryptocurrencies create most efficient markets, new study shows

New research has shown that the most regulated cryptocurrencies create the most efficient markets. The study, conducted by a group of University of Florida...

Women may struggle more than men in involuntary temporary employment

Involuntary temporary work and mental health medications.

Workaholics often feel unwell even while working, study

The mood of workaholics is on average worse than that of other people.

Uncredited work and lack of recognition: A conundrum for Postdocs

Postdoctoral scientists are mentors, and it is time to recognize their work.

Objects with similar sounds are easier to remember

Why are overlapping sounds easier to remember?

Employees are more prone to mistakes on afternoons and Fridays

Study offers objective insight on employee behavior and the potential benefits of flexible work arrangements.

Research shows how content creators reduce the harms of misinformation

Blockchain for fighting fake news: A framework for assessing applicability and acceptance.

Women STEM instructors encourage undergraduates to conceal stigmatized identities

Women working as STEM instructors are more likely than men to disclose their undergraduate identities.

Challenges faced by non-native English speakers in science

Disadvantages for non-native English speakers.

Purpose and Competence: The key to adolescent success

Wellbeing beyond happiness: What Matters for adolescent academic achievement.

Children’s nature drawings show a preference for mammals and birds

Mammal and bird species were often identifiable from depictions, while reptiles and amphibians appeared less.

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