Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Adding walnuts to daily diet shows positive effects on mental health

The new brain food for stressed university students.

Can obesity and stress influence appetite?

It’s all in your head.

Study found a biological connection between stress, weight, and social anxiety

Connecting stress, weight, and social anxiety in early adolescence.

Stress hormone sensitivity could increase the risk of heart disease

Creating a test that could differentiate between stress hormone-sensitive and resistant people.

How do stress hormones act upon the brain?

The findings could lead to more effective strategies in the prevention and treatment of mental health disorders.

Study finds how chronic stress leads to hair loss

Harvard study IDs mechanism that regenerates hair follicle stem cells.

A new wearable sensing chip can measure the stress hormone in human sweat

Signs of burnout can be detected in sweat.

New strategy to protect developing brain from prenatal stress

Giving a neuroprotective molecule during pregnancy prevents long-term neurodevelopmental problems associated with prenatal stress.

How stress and the circadian clock affect sleep?

The findings could lead to the development of new therapies for sleep disorders caused by stress or a disturbed circadian rhythm.

New VR test to assess a person’s vulnerability to stress

One of the first such tools that do not rely on subjective evaluations.

Life may be more stressful now than it was in the 1990s, study

A new study by the Penn scientists, suggests that middle age may be much more stressful now than in the '90s. Across all ages,...

Scientists discovered a neural circuit that drives physical responses to emotional stress

Emotional stress initiates the sympathetic nervous system, adversely affects their wellbeing. Excessive stress may cause symptoms such as psychogenic fever, a condition of abnormally...

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