Environment influences mother-child problems talk

Best places for moms and teens to talk about stress.

Social interactions shape infant language development

Brain responses and language growth in infants.

Moms’ advice helps teens, even if ignored

Moms' advice and youth reactions to academic challenges.

Infants hear more speech than music at home

Comparison of speech and music input for infants over two years .

Two-thirds of parents report concerns about sick days for adolescents

Parental perspectives on teenagers' concerns about sick days and academic performance.

Significance of both parents in breastfeeding

Exploring partner experiences in Swedish breastfeeding support

Premature babies benefit socially from early body contact

Early skin-to-skin contact impacts mother-infant interaction quality at four months for very preterm infants.

Child care centers not a significant COVID-19 risk, study suggests

Impact of COVID-19 vaccines on SARS-CoV-2 in U.S. child care centers.

How genes affect what infants like to look at

Genetic variation in infants' social vs. non-social object gaze.

Decoding kids’ communication for adults

Understanding kids' language as grown-ups.

Auckland study links sexism to inadequate parenting

The study reveals how parental sexism affects responsive parenting.

Paternal leave may safeguard men from alcohol-related illness

Effects of paternal leave on alcohol morbidity in Sweden.

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