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MIT researchers detect a single quantum vibration within a diamond sample (shown here) at room temperature. Image: Sabine Galland

Scientists observe a single quantum vibration under ordinary conditions

Studying a common material at room temperature, researchers bring quantum behavior “closer to our daily life.”
A practical method to measure quantum entanglement

A practical method to measure quantum entanglement

Technique can help advance quantum computing and secure communication technologies.
Photo credit: sakkmesterke/Getty Images

New state of matter discovered

Breakthrough offers promise for enhanced storage and computation capabilities.
The experimental setup used by the researchers to test their magnetic sensor system, illuminated by green laser light.

Quantum sensing method measures minuscule magnetic fields

Sensing static magnetic fields with high sensitivity and spatial resolution is critical to many applications in fundamental physics, bioimaging, and materials science. Even more...
Artistic impression of qubit (blue chip) readout using the quantum states of a resonator (blue and red jets). Figure credit: Heikka Valja.

Scientists developed a faster method to read quantum memory

Applying a short microwave pulse to the superconducting circuit containing the qubit and then measure the reflected microwave is the only method used to...

How to move electrons with light?

In motion physics, the motion of the particles largely depends on negatively charged electrons. But physicists are still in the puzzle that which force push...
Student engineers an interaction between two qubits using photons

Student engineers an interaction between two qubits using photons

In computers, binary digits interact and hand off data for processing. Similarly in quantum computing, qubits i.e., quantum bits must interact to process the data. But...
3D render of quantum processor

Scientists show how to directly observe quantum spin effects

With organizations like Google, Microsoft, and IBM all hustling to make the world's first down to earth quantum computer, scientists worldwide are investigating the...
Dr Chris Ballance and Vera Schäfer with ion-trap apparatus in one of Oxford's quantum technology laboratories. Image credit: David Fisher / NQIT

Scientists set a new speed record for trapped-ion ‘building blocks’ of quantum computers

Quantum computers perform tasks on the laws of quantum physics. Now, scientists at the Oxford University are using a trapped-ion technique to develop its...