Sunday, July 3, 2022


Mimicking the human brain to help robot out of maze

Organic neuromorphic robots can now move too.

Why do neurons consume so much energy even when at rest?

Brain Drain: The finding is a significant advance in understanding the basic biology of the brain.

Study revealed the function of mysterious structure found on neurons

These clusters allow neurons to produce crucial proteins.

Surprising study reveals how salt intake affects blood flow in the brain

Activations of neurons within the hypothalamus decreased the blood flow.

A new type of nerve cell discovered in the retina

The newly identified Campana cell could play a role in visual signal processing.

Scientists found the cause of Alzheimer’s disease progression

This research shows the value of working with human data instead of imperfect animal models.

Zebrafish creates a hazard map in their brain to avoid risk

Zebrafish predict the future to avoid virtual danger.

Earless worms respond to sound through their skin

Common model species can sense sound waves without ears, offering a new tool to study auditory sensation.

Solving complex computer problems in an entirely new way

Scientists develop the next generation of reservoir computing.

Neurons in the visual cortex change their responses over time

Neurons in the visual cortex of the brain ‘drift’ over time.

A new approach to identify proteins in the living brain

Tool could help researchers better understand brain diseases and potential treatments.

Brain’s background noise keeps nerve connections intact

The finding suggests that defects in this type of neural communication could contribute to neurodegenerative disorders and other brain conditions.

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