Research into fruit fly wings provides a peek into birth defects

Supercomputers help show how groups of cells develop into wings.

Scientists identified cell populations that could be key to treating obesity

New cells discovered in human omental adipose tissue inhibit fat cell formation.

Softer proteins can cross into the nucleus quicker 

A fundamental discovery that the mechanics of a protein control its entry into the cell’s nucleus.

How do aging clocks tick?

Scientists have now discovered that aging clocks actually measure the increase in stochastic changes in cells.

New synthetic, self-assembling cells made from DNA

Artificial cells that act like living cells.

Unveiling the mysteries of cell division in embryos

They lay a new foundation for elucidating embryonic mitosis.

Study: How are stem cells affected by microgravity?

Stem cells strengthened by space travel.

Introduced tardigrade proteins slows human cell metabolism

Biostasis is initiated by tardigrade protein assembly.

Scientists identified some proteins that protect against antimicrobial peptides

The proteins that shield the body against its own immune attacks.

How cells are ahead of the curve?

Cells prefer certain curvatures over others.

After-meal snack cravings? It’s the work of food-seeking neurons, not hunger

Feeding control via midbrain-subthalamic pathway.

Targeting various COVID variants by altering spike protein structure

Versatile antiviral nanoparticles, effective across SARS-CoV-2 variants.

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