Sunday, May 28, 2023


Prenatal music exposure enhances the baby’s brain’s ability to encode speech sounds

Listening to music during pregnancy benefits the baby’s brain’s ability to encode speech sounds.

Plants emit sounds, especially when they are stressed

Tel Aviv University researchers recorded and analyzed plant sounds.

Snakes can hear more than you think

Snakes can hear and react to airborne sounds.

Moving objects without touching them

A method that can move larger objects using the principles of metamaterial physics.

Scientists successfully controlled individual light quanta at very high speed

Nanoscale soundwave controls photons on a chip – milestone on the way towards hybrid quantum technologies.

A new quantum phase discovered for developing hybrid materials

The structural phase transition is driven by an acoustic soft mode.

Using sound to model the world

This machine-learning system can simulate how a listener would hear a sound from any point in a room.

A new mechanism discovered that controls the sound flow

This gives rise to a lasing effect for sound.

MIT neuroscientists developed a computer model that can localize sounds

We now have a model that can actually localize sounds in the real world

Activity in brain while switching between hearing and listening

Attention alters activity in brain areas.

Sound-light pulses observed in 2D materials for the first time

Scientists recorded the propagation of combined sound and light waves in atomically thin materials.

Study explains how sound waves travel through disordered materials

This work may lead to new heat- and shatter-resistant glass for smartphones and tablets.

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