Plants do scream when stressed

Listen to the audio recording of plant sounds.

MIT physicists capture the first sounds of heat “sloshing” in a superfluid

The results will expand scientists’ understanding of heat flow in superconductors and neutron stars.

Study explains the working of the ultrasonic warning sounds of Moths’ wings

The workings of the ultrasonic warning sounds produced by the wings of a species of moth have been revealed.

Your eyes and ears talk with each other, study

Scientists know what they’re saying.

Beautiful sound of the World’s largest living thing recorded

Listening to the largest tree on earth.

Objects with similar sounds are easier to remember

Why are overlapping sounds easier to remember?

Airplane noise linked to increased heart health hospitalizations

Research explores cardiovascular hospitalizations and deaths near Heathrow airport.

People can hear the sound of silence

The sound of silence?

Hearing restoration: New hope for people with hearing loss

Gene therapy restores hearing in adult mice through cerebrospinal fluid.

Prenatal music exposure enhances the baby’s brain’s ability to encode speech sounds

Listening to music during pregnancy benefits the baby’s brain’s ability to encode speech sounds.

Plants emit sounds, especially when they are stressed

Tel Aviv University researchers recorded and analyzed plant sounds.

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