Monash University

Living brain cell networks bioprinted in the lab

Scientists mimicked the arrangement of grey matter and white matter seen in the brain.

Merging human brain cells with AI to transform machine learning

Transforming machine learning.

These activities are more strongly associated with avoiding dementia risk

The findings may help aged care professionals plan more targeted approaches to reducing dementia risk.

Aspirin linked to increased anemia risk in healthy older adults

Low-dose aspirin linked to increased anemia risk in seniors.

Pancreatic beta-cells reactivate to produce insulin

The drug stimulates pancreatic beta-cells to release insulin.

Polar fish prioritize growth over reproduction

Polar fish experience lower mortality than tropical fish, allowing them to delay reproduction until later in life when they are larger and can produce...

Melbourne scientists discover an enzyme that can generate electricity from tiny amounts of hydrogen

An enzyme from soil bacteria converts air into electricity.

Almost nowhere on earth is safe

World first study into global daily air pollution shows almost nowhere on earth is safe.

The mathematical model of animal growth shows life is defined by biology

Life is defined by biology, not physics.

Study found how dinosaurs carried their enormous weight

Sauropods had feet similar to a modern-day elephant.

A pathway to the regeneration of insulin in pancreatic stem cells

New discovery could pave the way for improved treatments for diabetes.

Study offered fresh evidence when the climate was far more erosive in Mars’ past

Before about 3.8 billion years ago, Mars may have had a denser atmosphere and higher surface temperatures. But today, the current Martian atmosphere is...

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