Enceladus’s plume strength may be due to the movement of tiger-stripe faults

Enceladus spills its guts through strike–slip motion.

An obscure class of galaxies briefly awakens sleeping supermassive black holes

Radio observations of Compact Symmetric Objects (CSOs) provide new clues about their origins.

Improving quantum computing using polarization

Paving the way for quantum imaging in many different fields.

Caltech researchers create bionic jellyfish to explore deep sea

Robotic jellyfish explore the oceans on our behalf, reporting back what they find.

Most detailed underground images to date of the Long Valley Caldera

California supervolcano is cooling off but may still cause quakes.

Physicists detected excitons that are bound via magnetism

"Hubbard excitons" could eventually lead to novel technologies

A new fabrication technique for 3D printing objects a thousand times smaller

Scientists reinvented the technique to allow for printing objects a thousand times smaller: 150 nanometers.

A new study characterizes regular moonquakes

The lunar alarm clock!

Invar alloys stay the same size when heated

The Invar effect: A thermodynamic explanation.

Astronomers have discovered a two-faced star

Unusual white dwarf star is made of hydrogen on one side and helium on the other.

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