Most detailed underground images to date of the Long Valley Caldera

California supervolcano is cooling off but may still cause quakes.

Physicists detected excitons that are bound via magnetism

"Hubbard excitons" could eventually lead to novel technologies

A new fabrication technique for 3D printing objects a thousand times smaller

Scientists reinvented the technique to allow for printing objects a thousand times smaller: 150 nanometers.

A new study characterizes regular moonquakes

The lunar alarm clock!

Invar alloys stay the same size when heated

The Invar effect: A thermodynamic explanation.

Astronomers have discovered a two-faced star

Unusual white dwarf star is made of hydrogen on one side and helium on the other.

The evolution of 3D printing nanoscale optical devices

Inversely constructed 3D-patterned mid-infrared metaoptics.

Earth formed from dry, rocky building blocks, study

Our planet's water must have arrived late in the history of Earth's formation.

Strong hints of monster gravitational waves warping the Galaxy

A collective hum of gravitational waves from many pairs of merging black holes throughout the universe.

Evidence of a universal background of gravitational waves

The waves oscillate very slowly over years and even decades.

Caltech’s new Morphobot flies, rolls, walks, tumbles, and more

The bio-inspired 'transformer' can move in a wide range of ways, saving energy and making it more versatile.

A first-of-its-kind wearable skin sensor can wirelessly detect the presence of CRP

Wearable sensor detects internal inflammation.

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