Duke University

Duke University

Rare muscle diseases created by lab-grown muscles

Engineered human muscle model shows calcium's role in dysferlinopathy.

Scientists used silkworms to grow organ-like tissues in labs

A new ultrathin silk membrane for organ-on-a-chip platforms.

Scientists proved the fundamental limits of electromagnetic energy absorption

Mathematical solution evaded discovery for over two decades.

Automotive radar systems can be easily fooled, warns engineers

Researchers at Duke University have developed a system that can fool automotive radar sensors into believing almost anything is possible. The technology, dubbed "MadRadar,"...

Healing hearts with skin cancer genes

Time-dependent BRAF-V600E effects in engineered myocardium.

Your eyes and ears talk with each other, study

Scientists know what they’re saying.

A speech prosthetic translates a person’s brain signals into speech

Brain implant that may enable communication from thoughts alone.

New antibiotic shows promise against drug-resistant superbugs

LPC-233: A new antibiotic against drug-resistant bacteria.

Pancreatic Cancer: Fungus not a significant driver, research finds

A new study challenges the link between fungus and pancreatic cancer.

A new ML model can identify mild cognitive impairment from retinal scans

A non-invasive and inexpensive method of identifying the early signs of cognitive impairment.

How and why do temperatures determine the sex of turtles?

Warmer temperatures improve turtle motherhood.

Microbes could be used to predict climate change

Early distress signals can help plankton avoid a carbon tipping point.

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