Super melanin: Skin savior for sunburn and chemical burns

Enhanced tissue repair with synthetic melanin topical use.

Adjusting our body clocks can help reduce jet lag and aging effects

Peripheral clocks and aging: A minimal model.

Butterfly-inspired films create vibrant colors while cooling objects passively

Nanofilms could significantly reduce cooling energy in buildings and vehicles.

New transparent electrode boosts solar cell efficiency

The research represents a step toward developing completely transparent solar cells.

A new pathway to harnessing the sun for a clean energy future

A step closer to more efficient photovoltaics and solar fuel systems.

MIT scientists proposed a way to grow certain plant tissues in lab

Could lab-grown plant tissue ease the environmental toll of logging and agriculture?

A standalone device to convert sunlight, CO2, and water into fuel

Paving the way toward sustainable and practical solar fuel production.

New technology uses sunlight to turn seawater into drinking water in 30 minutes

It provides an energy-efficient and environmentally-sustainable solution for desalination.

Scientists have created an artificial eye that can power itself using sunlight

Much effort has been made to develop artificial eyes, as well as bionic eyes, but fabricating the spherical shape of a human eye —...

Workplaces with natural lighting help workers sleep more and perform better

Growing awareness has emerged on the health benefits of exposure to daylight and views. Daylight exposure is connected to circadian rhythm regulation, which can...

New synthetic bioplastic blocks UV radiations with better airtightness

Plastic, despite the greener initiatives, remains the king in many industries and also in the daily lives of the citizens. The alternative is a...

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