Sunday, November 27, 2022


Robots can better access children’s mental wellbeing, study

Robots can be better at detecting mental well-being issues in children.

Robots that resemble humans could be thought to have mental states

Some people perceive robots that display emotions as intentional agents, a study finds.

Silicone raspberry to tech harvesting robots to grasp fruit

Soft sensorized physical twin for harvesting raspberries.

New 3D-printed, self-healing materials made from jelly and salt

The low-cost jelly-like materials can sense strain, temperature, and humidity.

Representing robotic manipulator using a novel method

Contact-aware robot design.

NCyborg Project: Robots to establish a stroke rehabilitation process

A brand new stroke rehabilitation pattern that could improve the treatment effect of stroke survivors.

Researchers invent flexible and highly reliable sensor for wearable health devices and robotic perception

This novel e-skin, called TRACE, performs five times better than conventional soft materials.

PufferBot: Pufferfish-inspired robot could make flying drones safer

A hovering quadcopter drone.

A pipetting robot that can dispense individual cells one by one

The innovation allows for enhanced reliability and can save life-science researchers time and money.

Intelligent sensing abilities for robots to carry out complex tasks

A novel robotic system integrated with event-driven artificial skin and vision sensors.

Scientists developed the fastest soft robot

By getting inspired by the biomechanics of cheetahs, scientists at North Carolina State University have developed the fastest ever soft robot that can move...

Pollen-based paper for future robotic applications

Scientists at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) have transformed the ultra-tough pollen grains from sunflowers into a pliable, gel-like material through a process...

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