MIT scientists developed a detector for continuously monitoring toxic gases

The material could be made as a thin coating to analyze air quality in industrial or home settings over time.

Scientists developed a new family of polymers that can kill bacteria

A major step in the fight against superbugs like E. coli and MRSA.

With light, diaper recycling is 200 times faster

Water and UV radiation rapidly and efficiently degrade crosslinked polymers of diaper liners without needing any chemicals.

Advancing Water Pollution Solutions with 3D-Printed ‘Living Material’

Engineered cyanobacteria in phenotypically complex living materials.

A non-toxic and sustainable cleaning agent for painting

New cleaning agent for artworks investigated with neutrons at the FRM II.

Multicyclic molecular wheels have polymer potential

Molecular wheels can hold together long molecular chains.

Sustainable PET waste utilization for enhancing sand-bentonite clay liners

UBCO researchers explore alternative plastic bottle applications.

Algorithmic innovation enables sustainable technology from atoms to materials

New materials are required for a net-zero and sustainable future.

Fibre optic smart trousers monitor movement at a low cost

Smart textiles enable tracking of physical activities in clinics and homes.

Chemists develop new chiral structure creation method

A UC Riverside study investigates sensing and anti-counterfeit technological applications.

Weaker bonds break more easily than any of the strong polymer

Weaker bonds strengthen the polymers.

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