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MIT researchers have designed nanoparticles that can deliver messenger RNA to specific organs. In this image, lung cells expressing the synthetic mRNA show up as red. Image: Piotr Kowalski

New materials to improve delivery of therapeutic messenger RNA

Messenger RNA, a huge nucleic corrosive that encodes genetic data, can guide cells to create particular proteins. Unlike DNA, mRNA isn't for all time...
How polymers relax after stressful processing?

How polymers relax after stressful processing?

The polymers that make up engineered materials require time to relax after processing. A new examination by Illinois scientists has discovered that entangled, long-chain...
Researchers hope that their work will lead to a new approach to designing and evaluating polymer stents and other types of degradable medical devices

Study unveiled why polymer stents failed

Many patients with heart disease who went for surgery have a metal stent implanted to keep their coronary artery open. The metal stent prevents...
Designing Polymers with Novel Features

Designing Polymers with Novel Features

MIT scientist Bradley Olsen along with his colleagues are exploring physical properties for designing polymer. The team involves 15 to 20 students and postdoc seeks after this methodologies...

Fluorescent Polymer Gels to Detect Structural Failure in Energy-Related Equipment

The MIT researchers are developing fluorescent polymer gels that change color when they are shaken, heated, unveiled to acid, or otherwise disorganize. This new...
Artificial skin that could temporarily tighten the skin

Artificial skin that could temporarily tighten the skin

MIT scientists, Massachusetts General Hospital, living proof and Olivo labs have developed an artificial skin. This artificial skin can transiently protect and tighten the...