Sunday, May 28, 2023


Lack of this protein causes diabetes

A surprising protein player in diabetes.

Quantum thermometer to precisely measure coldest temperatures in the universe

It is likely to make the most immediate impact.

Physics of wrinkling

In material science, the physical factors that cause wrinkling remains a mystery. Historically, scientists and engineers have focused on preventing wrinkling, which can adversely affect...

Scientists identified the origin of defects in solar cell technology

Next-generation technologies such as solar cells and LEDs show have emerged as promising alternatives to silicon solar cells, as they are cheaper and greener...

How to move electrons with light?

In motion physics, the motion of the particles largely depends on negatively charged electrons. But physicists are still in the puzzle that which force push...

Fasting ramp up human metabolism, study

In addition to losing weight, a new study has discovered another benefit of fasting- suggesting that may also boost human metabolic activity, generate antioxidants,...

Optimizing stability of low-Cost, large-area solar modules

Third-generation solar cells effectively convert sunlight into usable power and cost less vitality to make than conventional silicon cells. Perovskite Solar Cells (PSCs), specifically,...

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