New strategy to see the development of the brain

Scientists captured the choreography of a developing brain.

Scientists identified the function of a mystery protein that kills brain cells in Parkinson’s disease

Scientists have made a 'vital step' towards understanding the origins of Parkinson's Disease - the fastest growing neurological condition in the world.

Scientists are designing quantum brain

The first steps toward a quantum brain.

Males and females are evolutionarily programmed differently in terms of sex

Males and females not only behave differently in terms of sex, they are evolutionarily programmed to do so

Scientists invented a smartphone-controlled soft brain implant

Wirelessly rechargeable soft brain implant controls brain cells​.

How the brain paralyzes while sleeping?

Scientists have discovered a group of neurons in the mouse brainstem that suppress unwanted movement during rapid eye movement sleep.

A multicolor atlas of the brain

Identifying every single neuron in the mind of a worm.

Study highlights how the brain encodes time and place into memories

Studies could lead to new ways to enhance memory for those with traumatic brain injury or Alzheimer's disease.

A new means of neur­onal communication dis­covered in the hu­man brain

A new functional coupling mechanism between neurons.

A technique that can predict seizure periods

A weather station for epileptic seizures.