Restoring walking in paralyzed mice with regenerated neurons

Walking recovery after paralysis through neuron regeneration.

Living brain cell networks bioprinted in the lab

Scientists mimicked the arrangement of grey matter and white matter seen in the brain.

Study find evidence that Parkinson’s starts in the gut

Autoimmune reaction can lead to what appears to be the early stages of Parkinson’s.

Platelets in the brain can duplicate the advantages of exercise

Platelets secrete a protein that rejuvenates neurons in aged mice.

Scientists discovered for the first time how the ALS gene destabilizes neuron structure

How mutation in brain cell leads to ALS and offers path for drugs?

Mathematical theory predicts self-organized learning in real neurons

Mathematical theory predicts self-organized learning in real neurons.

Dopamine neurons are more diverse than previously thought

Dopamine controls movement, not just rewards.

The gut-brain connection

The colon-brain axis.

Patient-specific stem cell treatment for Parkinson’s disease

Researchers discover patient-derived cells for Parkinson's disease clinical trials.

Brain networks use electric fields to store memories

Electric fields coordinate brain networks to encode memories.

The scale of disorder underpinning motor neuron disease

Researchers reveal incorrect protein and mRNA location in ALS-affected nerve cells.

Study sheds light on the brain’s “internal clock”

The timekeeper within: New discovery on how the brain judges time.

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