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Photoreceptors cells responsible for colour vision. By sequencing one cell at a time, the researchers identified a gene (Rbp4) present in a small number of cells (in green). In purple, photoreceptors in which the Rbp4 gene is not activated.

Scientists unveiled the first steps in the construction of vision

By decoding the genetic mechanisms that control the neurons of the visual system, researchers at UNIGE are unveiling the first steps in the construction of vision, paving the way for regenerative eye medicine.
Neuron Cell

A new drug could revolutionize the treatment of neurological disorders

The international team of scientists from Gero Discovery LLC, the Institute of Biomedical Research of Salamanca, and Nanosyn, Inc. has found a potential drug...
Diagrams of neural activity in the hippocampus, recorded from a mouse as it learned about new surroundings. Colors correspond to unique locations within the new place. Over time and continued exposure to the arena, the mouse forms stable memories by recruiting teams of neurons to encode for the location. Credit: Caltech

How memories form and fade?

Strong memories are encoded by teams of neurons working together in synchrony.
Neurons in the hippocampus, a brain region for learning and memory, that is impaired already at early stages of Alzheimer´s disease. Image: Y. Zhang und A. Konnerth / TUM

Direct toxic action of beta-amyloid identified

Scientists have identified early cellular dysfunction in Alzheimer's patients who have already developed clinical symptoms contain large clumps of the protein beta-amyloid, known as plaques.
MIT neuroscientists have found that neural extensions called dendrites, which act as antennae to help neurons listen to their neighbors, play a more active role in neural computation than previously thought.

Dendrites: Neurons’ antennae are unexpectedly active in neural computation

The nervous system serves as the manager of the body since it controls the functions of every other system. It communicates with bodily systems...
To locate the brain area where value information is stably maintained in mice, researchers simultaneously imaged more than 500 neurons, shown here as white circles. Credit: Komiyama Lab, UC San Diego

Scientists pinpointed brain area where value decisions are made

Neuroscientists at the University of California San Diego have recently located the brain area that makes valuable decisions based on past experiences. That brain...
SatB2-expressing neurons localized in the parabrachial nucleus (PBN) of the mouse brainstem encode positive valance and selectively transmit sweet taste signals to the gustatory thalamus (VPMpc). Credit: Ken-ichiro Nakajima / National Institute for Physiological Sciences

Scientists identified neurons in mice that encode sweetness

The gustatory system is the sensory system responsible for the perception of taste and flavor. In mice, taste signals are relayed by multiple brain...
Location of neurons predicting partner’s choices superimposed on a stained section through one animal’s amygdala. Colours indicate different nuclei. Credit: Fabian Grabenhorst

Mindreading neurons simulate decisions of social partners

A previously unknown type of neuron has been identified by scientists at the University of Cambridge, that actively and spontaneously simulates mental decision processes...
How neurons interact between brain areas?

How neurons interact between brain areas?

Most brain functions involve interactions among multiple, distinct areas or nuclei. Yet our understanding of how populations of neurons in interconnected brain areas communicate is...