How the brain senses body position and movement?

The sense is known as proprioception.

After-meal snack cravings? It’s the work of food-seeking neurons, not hunger

Feeding control via midbrain-subthalamic pathway.

Brain’s translation of motivation into goal-oriented actions

Thalamo-striatal pathways encode motivated behavior distinctly.

Changes in brain neuron shape lead to middle-aged obesity

Melanocortin-4 receptor neuronal cilia shorten with age, contributing to obesity.

Scientists discovered a brain circuit that coordinates speaking and breathing

The circuit makes sure that breathing is prioritized over speaking.

How visual cues inform the decision to cooperate

Visuo-frontal interactions in macaque Social learning.

Touch detection’s bicellular mechanism

Exploring the complication of Meissner's corpuscles and lamellar cells in touch sensation.

Re-energizing mitochondria to treat Alzheimer’s disease

Scripps Research team restored neuron-to-neuron connections in human cells.

Brain bends our processing of time to suit our needs

Uncovering vocal production control in the motor cortex.

Bacterial meningitis leaves lifelong mark on one in three kids

Long-term disabilities surge after childhood bacterial meningitis in sweden.

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