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The target chamber, where the laser beams are focussed

Scientists trying to turn light into matter

The hypothesis of the Breit-Wheeler process says it ought to be conceivable to transform light into the issue by crushing two particles of light...
In order to create a molecular chain of rare earths, it is necessary to give the molecule an “asocial character”, as illustrated above

Making molecules antisocial to boost their energy

The light that is noticeable to the human eye is arranged between ultraviolet(high energy) and infrared (low energy). This is the window in which...
This Lensless Camera Technology Doesn't Have a Lens at All

This Lensless Camera Technology Doesn’t Have a Lens at All

Scientists at the Caltech have developed a new lensless camera that doesn't require any lenses. They have replaced the curved glass with something that does...
Microsoft Out to Regain Ground in Schools With Surface Laptop

Microsoft Out to Regain Ground in Schools With Surface Laptop

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled a Surface laptop and streamlined operating software with the aim to regain ground in classrooms. Especially aimed at college students and evidently intended to...
Does Endovascular Procedure Causes Microbleeding in the Brain?

Does Endovascular Procedure Cause Microbleeding in the Brain?

Sometimes microbleeds in the brain increase with growing age and can cause cognitive decline. Generally, people with 82+ ages who had transcatheter aortic valve...

STPV: New solar cell converts sun’s heat into usable energy

A solar cell or photovoltaic cell is an electrical device that transforms the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. Nature...