New technique for photon detection

The discovery could improve communications, medical imaging, security measures and more.

Light can make water evaporate without heat

The process could explain a variety of natural phenomena and enable new approaches to desalination.

Tackling the mystery: Where do protons get their spin?

New study shows that the spins of gluons align with the spin of the protons they are in.

A key ingredient found for many quantum computation and communication

A linear path to efficient quantum technologies.

Neutrinos are predicted to interact unexpectedly with photons

New insights into neutrino interactions.

A new quantum device generates single photons and encodes information

Approach is a step toward using single photons in quantum communication and information processing.

Quantum entanglement of photons captured in real-time

Visualizing the mysterious dance.

It is possible to manipulate photons, study

No longer ships passing in the night: These electromagnetic waves had head-on collisions.

Scientists invented the smallest known way to guide light

2D optical waveguides could point way to new technology.

Study predicted another surprising property of hydrogen

Theoretical physicists calculate unusual behaviour of electrons.

Lights could be the future of the Internet and data transmission

Fast data transmissions could be delivered in homes and offices through light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

What do you need for the crystal to have a very low thermal conductivity?

how low thermal conductivity occurs in crystals?

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