Friday, March 31, 2023


Boosting the color brilliance of OLEDs through a fundamental physical concept

New research has shown that a strong coupling of light and material increases the color brilliance of OLED displays.

High-performance detectors with unprecedented performance to combat spies

A new perspective for quantum cryptography.

A new way to control atomic nuclei as “qubits”

Using lasers, researchers can directly control a property of nuclei called spin.

A new path toward high-energy quantum light

Scientists developed a theory that predicts a new way of controlling the quantum nature of light.

An on-chip photon-counting device to advance quantum technology

The first realization of an on-chip photon-number-resolving (PNR) detector.

New hints that dark matter could be made up of dark photons

Dark photons are good candidates for dark matter.

Changing the color of quantum light on an integrated chip

Devices could advance quantum computing and quantum networks.

Scientists successfully controlled individual light quanta at very high speed

Nanoscale soundwave controls photons on a chip – milestone on the way towards hybrid quantum technologies.

Stabilizing polarons opens up new physics

The work can lead to unprecedented calculations of polarons in large systems.

Twisty’ photons could turbocharge next-gen quantum communication

Stevens team’s on-chip technology uses orbital angular momentum to encode more information into a single photon.

Entangling more than a dozen photons efficiently in a defined way

Creating a basis for a new type of quantum computer.

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