Friday, March 24, 2023


New material in which electron’s dynamics can be controlled

Sculpting quantum materials for the electronics of the future.

The brain’s secret to lifelong learning can now come as hardware for AI

When the human brain learns something new, it adapts. But when artificial intelligence learns something new, it tends to forget information it already learned. As...

New magnetostrictive material for more efficient computing

Harnessing the hum of fluorescent lights for more efficient computing.

Computer made from DNA can calculate the square root of 900

A high‐capacity DNA biocomputing system.

The 3D Selfie has Arrived

Computer scientists at the University of Nottingham along with Kingston University have resolved a complex problem in the field of vision and graphics research. They...

New Type of Supercomputer could be Based on ‘Magic Dust’ Combination of Light and Matter

Russian scientists along with the UK have demonstrated a type of 'Magic Dust' through which they can solve complex computer problems. The 'Magic Dust'...

Manipulate 3-D Virtual Objects More Quickly

Scientists from the North Carolina State University have devised a new controller for controlling virtual objects. The device allows a user to control virtual...

HP’s New Supercomputer – 8,000 Times Faster Than Existing PCs

HP (Hewlett-Packard) company always aims to provide a wide variety of hardware components as well as software and related services to consumers. Although, the...

Method to Make Smart-Watches Easy to Use

Scientists have devised a novel method to make smart-watches and fitness tracker easier to use. This novel research is done by Computer scientists from...

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