Surprising impact of presence hallucinations on social perception

Using virtual humans for hallucination detection in Parkinson's disease via numerosity estimation.

Analog computing can solve complex equations and use far less energy

A memristor device can solve complex scientific problems using significantly less energy.

AI assists mathematicians in recognizing new COVID-19 variants

Significant SARS-CoV-2 lineages identified via scalable ML techniques.

Researchers identify a method to double computer processing speeds

It doubles the processing power using the existing hardware already in these devices.

Classical computers can keep up with and surpass their quantum counterparts

Boosting speed and accuracy of traditional computing.

AI tech discovers rise in tobacco-promoting social media posts

Computer vision enables scalable surveillance of e-cigarette products on Instagram and TikTok.

Decoding kids’ communication for adults

Understanding kids' language as grown-ups.

The role of predictive AI in shaping healthcare outcomes

Examining the consequences of AI predictive models in healthcare.

Dopamine’s impact on decision speed and precision

Dopamine and decision thresholds in male human reinforcement learning.

Boosting cognitive arousal and performance with everyday pleasure

Using wearable devices to control how your brain thinks by listening, tasting, and smelling.

A new type of random number generator for encryption

The new technology paves the way for a new type of quantum communication.

Hydrogen and electricity can be combined to make pharmaceutical drugs

Technique for using hydrogen and electricity to create pharmaceuticals.

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