Sunday, May 22, 2022


The Sun emitted a strong solar flare on Tuesday

The flare was rather impulsive.

A monster black hole just flipped its magnetic field

A black hole's magnetic reversal.

Lunar soil can potentially generate oxygen and fuel

Scientists propose a potentially available extraterrestrial photosynthesis pathway on the moon.

Astronomers find 1701 new asteroid trails in Hubble images

Global Citizen Science Project Finds Over 1700 Asteroid Trails in Hubble Images

Water on the Moon may have come from Earth’s atmosphere

An additional way to explain how water accumulates on the moon.

NASA releases sonification of a black hole

Hear what a black hole sounds like.

A rare black widow binary discovered

It has the shortest orbit yet identified.

NASA shares the image of the smallest and innermost of Saturn’s major moons

The Cassini spacecraft made several close approaches and provided detailed images of Mimas.

Experiments measured the physical limits for the existence of liquid water in extraterrestrial worlds

How cold an ocean can get before entirely freezing, including in its deepest abyss?

Astronomers discovered the brightest extragalactic pulsar known

It could even be the most luminous one ever found.

Scientists offered an alternative explanation for the strange galactic signal

Spinning stars shed new light on a mysterious gamma-ray signal.

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