Tuesday, May 17, 2022


60-years old mystery of Fast Magnetic Explosions solved

It’s not just a scientific curiosity.

Discovery of 30 exocomets in a young planetary system

First-ever system detected outside our Solar System.

Jupiter’s Moon Io has wonderful dunes, created by lava flows

A new explanation of how dunes can form even on a surface as icy and roiling as Io’s.

Understanding the process of how massive stars live and die

Supernova reveals secrets to a Texas-led team of astronomers.

Solar power is better than Nuclear power for Martian settlements

A new perspective on Mars colonization

Pluto’s orbit is rather surprisingly, highly chaotic

These results could have implications for future studies of the outer Solar System and its orbital dynamics.

Scientists modeled the Martian radiation environment

Scientists evaluated the Mars radiation levels at varying heights above and below the Martian surface.

A double solar flare erupts from Sunspot AR 2993

A restless sunspot erupted a double solar flare Monday (April 25).

Asteroids can hold life generating molecules

Researchers successfully identified all five nucleobases of DNA and RNA in meteorites

Modeling landscape formation on Titan revealed Earth-like alien world

Seasonal, active sediment transport shapes the modern landscapes of Titan.

NASA’s InSight lander recorded the two Largest far side marsquakes to date

Five times stronger than the previous largest event recorded.

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