Friday, June 9, 2023

Breastfeeding increased by 2 weeks when mothers stayed at home

Research finding offers support for National paid family leave policy.

Couples who combine their finances may be happier and stay together longer

Couples who manage their finances together are more likely to love each other.

Study investigates how non-cognitive skills relate to the relative labor market performance of immigrants

How do immigrants' non-cognitive talents affect their employment integration?

Dogs may be at risk from high levels of lead in raw pheasant food

Lead levels in raw pheasant dog food pose health risks.

Why do people include themselves in photos

Some selfies can help capture the meaning of an event.

What makes “junk food” junk?

U.S. policies define junk food for taxation and regulations.

The job that you do can change your brain, study

Restaurant workers whose job involved constantly keeping track of orders were better at tests of working memory updating.

US dog and cat owners became closer to their pets during COVID-19 pandemic

A new analysis suggests that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, US dog and cat owners became closer to their pets, and a complex relationship unfolded...

The Role of Circumstances and Personality in Determining Happiness

The Interplay of Behaviors, Circumstances, & Psychological Traits in Pursuing a Good Life.

Polygamous relationships can provide the same benefits as monogamous ones

Polyamorists face stigma and discrimination in their day-to-day lives.

Doctors from Minority ethnic groups are less likely to get specialist NHS training posts

Female applicants are more successful in appealing to different genders.

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