A correlation between the UK’s austerity policies and increased frailty among the elderly population

The implementation of UK austerity politics and increased frailty among the oldest adults.

Vittrup Man lived on the Scandinavian coast before moving to a farming community in Denmark

DNA, isotope, protein analysis reveal genetic ancestry and migration of a human found in a peat bog.

How partner gender influences women’s sexual expectations

Partner gender plays a significant role in how women approach sex.

People of color victims of lethal violence and suicide in the US die younger than their white counterparts

Access to firearms, medical and mental health problems, and socioeconomic factors may help explain inequities.

Two-thirds of parents report concerns about sick days for adolescents

Parental perspectives on teenagers' concerns about sick days and academic performance.

Student preferences: On-campus attendance vs. remote learning

Are online teaching materials emptying out university classrooms?

Study reveals broader impact of childhood adversity

Childhood adversity linked to adult mental health issues.

Significance of both parents in breastfeeding

Exploring partner experiences in Swedish breastfeeding support

Emotional facial expressions are not universally produced and understood

Language and culture may influence how our brain processes emotional faces.

Regulated cryptocurrencies create most efficient markets, new study shows

New research has shown that the most regulated cryptocurrencies create the most efficient markets. The study, conducted by a group of University of Florida...

UK study exposes ‘Loneliness Loop’ in youth intimate partner violence cycle

Youth and intimate partner violence: Support in England.

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