Social Science

The speed of spreading Facebook posts is related to the controversy

People’s perception of online information may depend per analysis of 57 million posts.

Walkable neighborhoods promote community and adult socialization

The built environments create or deny long-lasting opportunities for socialization.

Life motion perception develops in eye pupils

The pupil of the eye indicates living motion awareness.

The different ways couples integrate their finances

The tremendous financial merge: How to combine your finances with your partner.

In areas with high economic inequality, the rich tend to exhibit greater generosity

Rich individuals living in communities with greater economic inequality tend to be more generous.

The young brain determines nap transitions, not age

UMass Amherst sleep scientist develops new theory on child's napping behavior.

Women feel the pain of losses more than men, study

Study explores risk aversion and optimism.

Why sexually harassed individuals might not report the incident immediately or at all?

Seeking justice by coming forward is just one of the needs.

School leaders need more resources to manage poor behavior

School leaders are not exploring alternative approaches to behavior management.

Cognitive ability in childhood is linked to financial well-being in adulthood

Childhood cognitive ability and adult financial wellbeing varied between different financial measures.

Neurotic people are more likely to suffer from mood swings

Neurotic people experience negative emotions, not only more intensely.

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