Social Science

Challenges faced by non-native English speakers in science

Disadvantages for non-native English speakers.

These activities are more strongly associated with avoiding dementia risk

The findings may help aged care professionals plan more targeted approaches to reducing dementia risk.

The science of attraction: Why do we fall for a particular person?

Attraction to people with similar interests may be influenced by judging others harshly.

Half of the participants experience false memories of films due to deepfake videos

In new study, deepfakes were no more potent than text descriptions at manipulating memory.

Kitchen bacteria might not be as harmful as you think

The core microbiota persisted despite considerable differences between kitchens in the study.

People can hear the sound of silence

The sound of silence?

Purpose and Competence: The key to adolescent success

Wellbeing beyond happiness: What Matters for adolescent academic achievement.

Violence exposure linked to gun carrying among teens

Teens who See violence more likely to carry guns.

Black Americans may face relatively accelerated biological aging due to lower socioeconomic status

Eliminating the racial gaps in education, income, and wealth would alleviate weathering.

Interactions with children promote positively influence the mental well-being of older

Study of older women in South Africa links interactions with greater sense of belonging, purpose.

Children’s nature drawings show a preference for mammals and birds

Mammal and bird species were often identifiable from depictions, while reptiles and amphibians appeared less.

Fighting loneliness: how to find purpose and overcome it

Does a sense of purpose protect against Loneliness?

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