Sunday, September 25, 2022

Nature Physics

The mystery of the Hall effect in a Weyl antiferromagnet unveiled

An advance in the use of antiferromagnetic materials in memory storage devices.

SU(N) matter is about 3 billion times colder than deep space

Universe’s coldest fermions open portal to high-symmetry quantum realm.

Water separates into two different liquids at low temperatures

Fresh evidence that water can change from one form of liquid into another, denser liquid, has been uncovered.

Scientists developed the smallest flow-driven motors in the world

The results open new perspectives for engineering active robotics at the nanoscale.

How do cells move faster through mucus than blood?

This link between cell viscosity and attachment has never been demonstrated before.

A quantum computer that can perform arbitrary calculations with qudits

Quan­tum com­puter works with more than zero and one.

Scientists remeasured gravitational constant

The new method offers great potential for testing one of the most fundamental laws of nature.

Magnetic spins that ‘freeze’ when heated

Nature is in the wrong direction.

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