Nature Physics

Scientists discover a new system to control the chaotic behavior of light

Bartering light for light!

A significant milestone toward quantum computing

Breakthrough realized for retaining quantum information in a single-electron quantum bit.

Physicists detected excitons that are bound via magnetism

"Hubbard excitons" could eventually lead to novel technologies

It is possible to manipulate photons, study

No longer ships passing in the night: These electromagnetic waves had head-on collisions.

First evidence of ‘quantum superchemistry’ observed

Breakthrough could point way to fundamental insights, new technology.

Invar alloys stay the same size when heated

The Invar effect: A thermodynamic explanation.

Storing quantum information as sound waves

A new method for efficiently translating electrical quantum states into sound.

Physicists created turbulence in a tank

Tempest in a teacup!

Researchers resolve a longstanding debate using trapped waves

Researchers uncover mystery of optical wave trapped in three-dimensional micro or nanoparticles.

New work reconstructs the full state of a quantum liquid

New research using ultracold atoms reveals particular properties of quantum systems.

A new tool reveals the electronic states of quantum materials

The origin of electronic states is found in designed materials.

Astonishing: Scientists stunned to see time reflections of electromagnetic signals

To date, this phenomenon had never been observed for electromagnetic waves.

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