Advanced Materials

MIT scientists developed a detector for continuously monitoring toxic gases

The material could be made as a thin coating to analyze air quality in industrial or home settings over time.

Promising breakthrough: Reversing autoimmune hair loss with novel treatment

This treatment allowed hair to regrow and dramatically reduced inflammation.

An elastomer-based ink for 3D printing objects

An ink for 3D-printing flexible devices without mechanical joints.

Butterfly-inspired AI technology for multi-sensory decision making

The platform is both more advanced and uses less energy than other AI technologies.

A novel technique to create a new energy-efficient microelectronic device

A new way to precisely modulate electron flow.

Recyclable ‘water batteries’ that won’t catch fire or explode

New water batteries stay cool under pressure.

A new AI tool to discover realistic ‘metamaterials’ with unusual properties

This makes it possible to create devices with unprecedented functionalities.

New breakthroughs for unlocking the potential of plasmonics

Scientists shed light on hybrid plasmonic nanomaterials with tunable properties.

AI reveals mysteries of polycrystalline materials

A new method for understanding small defects.

Scientists discovered ultra-hard material that could rival diamond

The second hardest material after diamond.

New ultra-strong material for microchip sensors

It boasts a yield strength 10 times greater than Kevlar, renowned for its use in bulletproof vests.

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