Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

New ultra-strong material for microchip sensors

It boasts a yield strength 10 times greater than Kevlar, renowned for its use in bulletproof vests.

Eye implant for treating diabetes

3D-printed structures for eye tissue transplants.

Making green hydrogen from plastic waste

Graphene by-product offsets ‘flash’ hydrogen production costs, Rice study finds.

Wood dust-based filter removes up to 99.9% of microplastics from water

The filter traps virtually all microplastic particles present in water.

Liquid nanofoam: New hope for injury prevention

Liquid nanofoam cushions to protect athletes, drivers, and patients.

Magnetic robots are capable of walking, crawling, and swimming

New soft-bodied robots controlled by magnetic fields are ideal for confined spaces.

Wooden robotic gripper can lift objects, withstand high temperatures

The wooden gripper is driven by changes in moisture, temperature, and lighting in the environment.

A new salty gel could harvest water from desert air

A new material developed by MIT engineers exhibits “record-breaking” vapor absorption.

Temperature-responsive medical sensor with self-healing abilities and skin adaptability

Improved, self-healing medical sensor responds to temperature.

An unusually absorbent hydrogel material can absorb moisture even as temperatures climb

An unusually absorbent material that could be used for passive cooling.

New soil sensors could improve crop fertilization efficiency

Measuring temperature and nitrogen levels is essential for agriculture.

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