Advanced Science

TB vaccine reduces liver cancer tumors in mice

BCG option for repurposing HCC treatment with Mechanistic insights

A protein that contributes to metastasis in pancreatic cancer found

Discovery could advance life-saving therapies.

Re-energizing mitochondria to treat Alzheimer’s disease

Scripps Research team restored neuron-to-neuron connections in human cells.

Anthrobots: Tiny biological robots from human cells

The multicellular bots move around and help heal “wounds” created in cultured neurons.

An important step toward future 3D printing of human tissues

Researchers create “instruction manual” for cells.

Smart contact lens capable of implementing AR-based navigation

The lenses can implement AR-based navigation through a 3D printing process.

New, biocompatible materials could improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy

Culinary arts techniques create new therapeutic materials.

New 100% biodegradable paper straws that do not become soggy

Biodegradable, water-resistant, anti-fizzing, polyester nanocellulose composite paper straws.

Engineers created semi-living ‘cyborg cells’ with many capabilities

The cells could maintain their biological activity but could not reproduce.

Scientists uncovered surprising mechanical behaviors of the cell nucleus

Unlocking cell nucleus behaviors may be key in the cancer fight.

Scientists create the world’s thinnest gold

Scientists at the University of Leeds have created the world's thinnest gold which is just two atoms thick - the thinnest unsupported gold ever created.

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