Individuals with Responsive Partners Experience Lower Anxiety, Better Sleep Quality


One-third of our life goes into sleep. But everyone can’t sleep properly. For couples, it turns out how well you think your partner understands and cares for you. It is considered as a link to how well you sleep. The latest research shows that individuals with responsive partners experience low anxiety and arousal. It also can improve their quality of sleep.

As I told you earlier, sleep is necessary for every person to stay healthy and well-being. There are various advantages of sleep including to have a creative mind, mental sharpness and etc. Sleeping properly also improves your immune system, memory, weight, and diabetes. Protecting against deteriorations in physical health is the most important function of sleep. Although, this function can only be realized when we have restorative sleep. Restorative sleep is high-quality uninterrupted sleep.

Restorative sleep needs feelings of safety, security, protection, and absence of threats. For humans, the strongest source of feelings of safety and security is responsive to social partners. For example, parents in childhood or romantic partners in adulthood.

Dr. Emre Selçuk, lead author said, “Having responsive partners who would be available to protect and comfort us should things go wrong is the most effective way for us humans to reduce anxiety, tension, and arousal.” (Selçuk is a developmental and social psychologist at Middle East Technical University in Turkey.)

Scientists used data a developmental and social psychologist at Middle East Technical University in Turkey. Through this, researchers showed connections between partner responsiveness, physical health and psychological well-being over several years.

Selçuk said, “Taken together, the corpus of evidence we obtained in recent years suggests that our best bet for a happier, healthier, and longer life is having a responsive partner.”

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