Positive side of suppressing negative thoughts in mental health

Enhancing mental health through thought suppression training.

After menopause, abnormal heart rhythms are connected to stress and insomnia

About 1 in 4 women may develop irregular heart rhythms after menopause.

Lorazepam treatment and poor pancreatic cancer outcomes

Pancreatic cancer survival and the IL6 response to Lorazepam.

Endometriosis patients are also genetically predisposed to depression, anxiety, and eating disorders

Study finds more of a relationship than previously acknowledged.

Mental health disorder to affect half the population by the age of 75

Mental disorders: Age of onset and cumulative risk across 29 countries.

Women STEM instructors encourage undergraduates to conceal stigmatized identities

Women working as STEM instructors are more likely than men to disclose their undergraduate identities.

Six months of in-person mindfulness training improves mental wellness

Mindfulness courses reduce anxiety and depression symptoms in adults.

Interactions with children promote positively influence the mental well-being of older

Study of older women in South Africa links interactions with greater sense of belonging, purpose.

Meditation helps to recall positive memories in people with depression

The new approach builds off previous research linking depression to the retrieval of autobiographical memories.

Patients with depression are less likely to take their heart medications

These results highlight the importance of considering the psychological status of people receiving an ICD.

Mouse Hoxb8 microglia stimulation induces anxiety and grooming in specific brain regions

Chronic anxiety and OCSD-like behavior in mice.

Study uncovers brain mechanism that activates anxiety and OCSD behaviors

This work is unique and has challenged the current dogma.

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