Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Why we need female mice in neuroscience research?

Female mice exhibit more stable exploratory behavior than male mice.

Adding meds to an antidepressant may help older adults with treatment-resistant depression

For some patients, two different medications are better than antidepressants alone.

Study uncovers a brain circuit involved in opioid addiction and relapse

Breakthrough in understanding Fentanyl abuse.

Childhood BMI has limited effects on mood and behavioral disorders

Child body weight is unlikely to have a big impact on children's mood or behavioural disorders.

Playing the piano boosts brain processing power

A randomised control trial shows the positive effects learning to play music has on cognitive abilities.

Blood pressure highly likely to cause neurotic personality trait

Keeping it under control can help curb neuroticism, anxiety, and cardiovascular disease.

Autistic people are more vulnerable to depression and anxiety during pregnancy

The results have important implications for supporting autistic people during pregnancy.

Anxiety disorders had no effect on vaccine hesitancy

These findings help shed light on the best way for the government to promote vaccination.

Distress before COVID-19 infection raises the chance of long COVID by 45%

Psychological, not physical, factors are linked to long COVID.

Poor health-related quality of life can lead to rare diseases

Evaluating the health-related quality of rare diseases

Vitamin B6 supplements may reduce anxiety and depression

Taking high-dose Vitamin B6 tablets has been shown to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

Scientists discovered the ideal amount of sleep in middle and old age

Too little or too much sleep is associated with poorer cognitive performance and mental health.

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