The impact of neighborhood disadvantage on food, weight, and brain

Body mass index as a mediator between disadvantaged neighborhoods and cortical microstructure.

Genetic testing and unnecessary breast surgery in women

Family history's impact on hereditary cancer in the population.

Scientists make significant strides in studying schizophrenia genes

Studying how common genetic variants affect schizophrenia.

Painkillers increase blood clot risk with hormonal Birth control

Study shows blood clot risk with hormonal birth control and painkillers.

The impact of cold weather on high blood pressure treatment

Navigating high blood pressure in chilly climates.

Timing matters a lot when it comes to starting a family

Timing sexual activity for family planning: What you need to know?

A dive into the question of whether a COVID cure could lead to harmful mutations of the virus

A COVID cure worse than the disease?

One more benefit of turmeric found: It could be used to treat indigestion

Findings may justify considering its use in clinical practice.

Scientists found a molecule that can inhibit the spread of the cold sore virus

It has the potential to be used in all kinds of diseases.

Genetic study links blood sugar and type 2 diabetes treatment

Diabetes pathophysiology and treatment: A genetic perspective.

COVID patients emit 1,000 virus copies per min in early symptoms

Exhaled SARS-CoV-2 RNA copies during COVID-19 infection.

High blood pressure & anemia drive racial birth complication gap

Stanford Medicine reveals role of hypertension and anemia in non-white birth complication rates.

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