Hidden issues with tooth loss and denture

Exploring the journey of patients from tooth loss to denture.

Impact of low oxygen on brain memory

Regeneration of hippocampal LTP by anoxia via glutamate and nitric oxide.

New method to lower breast cancer metastases to brain

Autophagy counteracts brain metastasis in breast cancer and boosts lapatinib.

Obese women as teens or young adults have a higher stroke risk by age 55

In contrast, men did not have the same increased ischemic stroke risk.

Parents can control tween’s screen time

Media parenting and adolescent's screen time.

Trojan horse virus found in parasite by U of T researchers

RNA virus hidden in Toxoplasma gondii.

Energy drinks linked to sudden cardiac arrest

Doctors warn of cardiac risk of energy drinks.

Taking pictures of food could be the key to improving people’s diet

Snapping photos of our food isn't just content for our social media feeds.

Women have better mental agility while on their period

Women make fewer mistakes and have better mental agility while on their period.

New scanner gives clearest ever picture of children’s developing brain

This opens up new possibilities for tracking how critical developmental milestones.

Psychiatric conditions: Evolution of mental health terminology

A survey of terms over 79 years shows language moving away from “disease” and toward “illness”.

The effectiveness of smoking cessation aids for mental health

People with a mental health condition are more likely to choose specific smoking cessation aids.

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