Thursday, June 1, 2023


New molecular method speeds up detection of antibiotic resistance

New method reveals bacterial reaction to antibiotics in five minutes.

Regular exercise may reduce risk of brain haemorrhage

Regular physical activity can reduce bleeding in intracerebral hemorrhage.

People with strong legs are less likely to develop heart failure after a heart attack

Heart attack patients with strong legs have better prognosis.

Revolutionary soft e-skin transmits brain-compatible signals

A material with nerve-like electronics can sense pressure, temperature, and strain.

Long-term exposure to particulate matter linked to increased hospital procedures

Long term exposure to PM2.5 pollution associated with three hospital tests.

Decoding hearing issues: Yale-led study pinpoints causes of auditory problems in adults

There is limited information about why hearing problems among older adults are more common.

Study discovers obesity amplifies loss of COVID-19 vaccination immunity

Obesity-associated factors contributing to reduce longevity of COVID-19 vaccine immunity.

Exploring the Intriguing Cellular Effects of the Mediterranean Diet

Olive oil and nuts boost cellular structure and protect membranes.

Researchers map the immunology of the gut in children with IBD

Researchers map immune system in IBD to design targeted therapies.

A gene-editing technology could help to accelerate cancer mutations

Scientists can develop new drugs to target cancer mutations.

Why older adults may struggle to stay focused

The downside of physical activity for working memory in older adults

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