Understanding how the brain interprets other’s gazes

ERP analysis and task impact on the perception timing of gaze direction.

Poor health and stress in 20s harm cognition in 40s

Early adulthood CRP changes linked to midlife cognition.

The influence of personality traits on smoking patterns

Smokers are on average more extraverted, but less conscientious and agreeable.

Overdoing the treadmill? here’s how to ease shin splints

Outdoor walking impact on treadmill running.

New potential target for early Alzheimer’s treatment identified

Modifying heparan sulfate alleviates cell defects and neuron decline in the Drosophila model of Alzheimer's.

Oxytocin may treat obesity and postnatal depression

Obesity and postpartum depression are linked to loss of TRPC5.

Genomic test enhances pediatric cancer care

Routine whole genome sequencing benefits children with suspected cancer.

Biggest genetic study on girls’ puberty age links it to weight gain

Studying genetic complexity in puberty timing.

Study uncovers biases in AI’s medical image analysis

The scope of fair medical imaging AI's limitations in everyday use.

Undergrad discovers key to improved Crohn’s treatments

Controlled pediatric Crohn's still shows duodenal microbiota imbalance.

Daily multivitamins don’t reduce death risk in healthy adults

Multivitamin use and death risk in 3 U.S. studies.

Nerve injuries from repetitive work motions are common

Nerve damage from occupational tasks.

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