Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Microplastics found in human blood for the first time

Polymers in human blood represent several high production volume plastics.

Study identifies how COVID-19 affect people’s ability to smell

Good news for patients who want to recover their sense of smell.

Study found the secret to staying young

The study highlights the power of lifelong exercise to keep muscles healthy.

There have been increases in prescribing anti-anxiety medications

Prescribing for anxiety has increased in those aged under 35.

People with the Omicron variant less likely to be hospitalized than Delta variant

This is the largest study to date to report on the risk of hospitalization and mortality outcomes.

Virac: Simple clinical tool can help diagnose spinal fractures

Assisting medical staff spot vertebral fractures that might otherwise have been missed.

An early autism screening tool is the world’s most effective

It is the world’s most effective.

A potential target for overcoming resistance to breast cancer treatment

Scientists identified a potential target for restoring the efficacy of standard treatment in resistant patients.

Scientists unraveled the origin of metastasis

Scientists discovered some of the mechanisms by which these cells arise.

Women with one ovary are less likely to have a successful IVF result, study

The surgical removal of an ovary has an adverse effect on fertility.

One alcoholic drink a day is associated with a reduction in brain size

Heavier drinking was linked with an even greater toll.

Women are generally less likely to self-harm during and after pregnancy

The study advances understanding of how pregnancy and post-pregnancy affect self-harm risk.

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